Guest Bedroom ideas

Expecting houseguests this holiday season? These guest bedroom ideas will help you create a comforting space for your visitors!

Choose the Right Bed

When you think about guest room décor, your first thought is likely the bed. Depending on the type of guests you’re expecting over the course of the year, there are different bed set-ups to choose from. Queen-sized and king-sized bed frames work well for couples, but if you’re expecting uncoupled guests or children, you might be better off with multiple twin beds or trundle beds. Choosing daybeds for your guest room can also be great, as they offer seating options for the waking hours.

Upgrade Your Mattress

Well-rested houseguests are happy houseguests and having a reliable mattress in your guest room can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. Star Furniture has mattresses in an array of sizes, types, and brands, including everything from memory foam mattresses to more affordable innerspring mattress options. Plus, all mattresses over $999 come with free shipping on your whole order.

Offer Extra Seating

If you have the space and budget, offering extra bedroom seating can be incredibly enticing for guests, especially if they want to have some alone time away from the action. Some of our favorite guest bedrooms have accent chairs or bedroom benches so visitors can relax and enjoy some quiet time during their stay.

Don’t Skimp on the Storage Space

Even if you decide not to have full-sized dressers in your guest room, having some storage space can make guests feel more at home. Try using nightstands with drawers as bedside tables, which double as clothing storage and a convenient surface next to the bed.  You could also consider putting a desk or vanity in the room so your guests will have space to get ready. Short on space? We love the idea of installing hooks for hanging luggage, coats, and other clothing items.

Pay Attention to the Details

Personalizing your guest room and paying special attention to the details can make it feel even more warm and homey for your visitors. We recommend hanging a mirror, artwork, or other decorations. You might even consider having an extra television in the room. Make sure to have a clock, wastebasket, blankets, and tissue readily available. You can even leave some of their favorite snacks, teas, or toiletries for them to enjoy during their visit.

Before you update your guest bedroom this holiday season, be sure to check out the amazing deals at our Star Furniture locations in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, or Bryan, Texas. In fact, our in-store interior designers can help you find the perfect guest room decorating ideas for your style and budget. You can also follow our interior design blog for even more home design tips. Check us out today!

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The holidays are fast approaching! Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the extended family or hosting overnight houseguests for the winter holidays, these furniture ideas from the interior design experts at Star Furniture can help you make your guests as cozy as possible.

Best Furniture Ideas for Hosting a Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party doesn’t have to be stressful! Whether you’re hosting a small dinner party or a huge Thanksgiving meal, there are plenty of great ideas for how to spruce up your dining room before the holidays. Because choosing the right furniture can make all the difference, we’ve laid out some important dining room furniture ideas to consider.

Dining Room Tables & Chairs

Holiday Dining Room

Dining room tables and chairs are probably the most important furniture for throwing the perfect dinner party. Some of our favorite dining room ideas for hosting include utilizing an expandable dining table for small spaces, opting for dining benches, which can help fit more people around the table, and having counter-height tables to keep everyone on the same level for socializing.

Buffets & Hutches

Weatherford Hastings Open Hutch and Buffet

Dining room buffets and sideboards can be a great way to serve food, drinks, or desserts at a dinner party. In addition to clearing up extra space at the dining table and keeping people out of the busy kitchen, you can also set up your buffet and other furniture as serving stations to help direct the flow of traffic. One of our favorite dining room decorating ideas for dinner parties is placing holiday-specific decorations on the shelves of dining room hutches.

Bar Cabinets

Bar & Wine Cabinet

A home cocktail bar and wine cabinet not only looks amazing, but it’s also super convenient for throwing dinner parties. Having a designated drink station means less foot traffic through the kitchen and a built-in storage area for cocktail mixers, wine bottles, wine glasses, and more. Be sure to only stock the bar cabinet with liquor and wine you’re okay with your guests drinking. You might also leave some space open for anyone who brings wine as a party favor.

Kitchen Islands

Trisha Yearwood Coming Home Kitchen Island & Dining Room Set

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party for 20 or something a bit smaller, kitchen islands can help provide the extra counter space you need to prepare a delicious meal for your guests. Some kitchen islands also serve as dining sets, so you’ll have extra space to seat any last-minute guests who show up unannounced. Be sure to take advantage of the extra storage and display space.

China Cabinets

Rachael Ray Highline China Cabinets

Many of our favorite dining room decorating ideas include taking advantage of china cabinets. In addition to storing decorative china, you can also tailor your china cabinet to the holiday season by displaying pumpkins, poinsettias, holiday decorations, photos, and more. Be sure to clean the glass in the display case before visitors arrive and keep anything truly valuable out of the reach of any children in attendance.

Holiday Dinner Party Tips

  • Keep It Simple: The best dinner party menu contains recipes you’ve already perfected.
  • Be Strategic with Menu Planning: When planning your dinner party menu, choose some dishes that can be made ahead of time. You’ll also need to pay attention to which appliances you’ll need when. Remember, you don’t want to spend the whole party in the kitchen, so don’t underestimate the time you’ll need to cook.
  • Make it a Potluck: Wondering how to throw a holiday dinner party on a budget? Try a potluck! Pick a theme and ask people to bring an appetizer or dessert they love.
  • Don’t Forget the Music: Make a fun holiday playlist for your dinner party, but make sure it isn’t so loud that guests can’t hear each other.


Best Living Room Furniture Ideas for Entertaining

Planning on entertaining guests during the holiday season? Trying out different living room layout ideas for the holidays can help create a space that is comfortable, festive, and easy to navigate. Use our free furniture arrangement tool to try different furniture arrangements without the hassle and check out the different types of furniture that can make your space perfect for entertaining.

Sectional Sofas

Modular Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are perfect for entertaining guests, since they automatically arrange people in such a way that they can easily speak to the people around them. The best part? Star Furniture has stylish sectional couches for every price range, so you can create a guest-friendly space without breaking the bank.


Modern Loveseat

Because loveseats are limited in size, you might not think they’d be great for entertaining guests. However, if arranged correctly, they create a cozy spot for guests to have more intimate conversations without isolating them from other partygoers. Consider your interior design style, your other seating options, and the shape of your living room to the find the best loveseat for your space.

Accent Chairs

Brown Leather Accent Chair

While some consider accent chairs to be more decorative than functional, having an accent chair in your living room can create a great space for guests to congregate in your living room. Many of our favorite home accent chairs are definite conversation starters, and because of their comfort, they’ll keep conversations going throughout the night.

Coffee Tables

Large Round Coffee Table

If you’re looking for tips on how to arrange furniture for a house party, some popular wisdom urges people to stow their coffee tables away, in order to create extra space. But depending on what types of guests you’re entertaining, it might make sense to leave out your coffee table, so people have somewhere to set their drinks, appetizers, etc. They can even make an impromptu kids’ table! Browse our favorite coffee tables to see an array of styles and sizes, perfect for your living room.

End Tables

Mid Century Modern End Table

One of our favorite living room layout ideas is making use of end tables, which offer extra living room storage and allow guests to keep their hands free during the party. Plus, you can add some fun holiday decorations, showcase your favorite home décor, and control the lighting with table lamps.

TV Stands

Blue TV Stand

While you might not always want the TV on while entertaining guests, if you’re throwing a football game or Oscars party, having a great TV stand can help direct your guest’s attention. You’ll want to consider your interior design style, the size of your TV, and how much extra living room storage you need to find the perfect TV stand for your living room.

Living Room Lighting

Getting the lighting right can be so important when entertaining guests. Need to up your lighting game? Check out our favorite table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling fixtures to light up your living room. Need extra lighting in a pinch? Try hanging Christmas lights along the ceiling.

Living Room Layout Ideas for Entertaining

  • Clear a Path: Be careful to arrange your furniture so guests have room to navigate without running into anything.
  • Create Multiple Seating Areas: If you have a large living room, try to make more than one separate seating area. That way people can form smaller, more intimate groups and hear each other talking more easily.
  • Repurpose Furniture: Take advantage of space by repurposing furniture as serving stations. How you arrange these stations will help regulate the flow of traffic.
  • Remove Any Unnecessary Furniture: If you have a small living room, remove any unnecessary furniture so people have space to spread out.

Best Guest Room Furniture Ideas for Happy Houseguests

Setting up a guest room can be challenging. Whether you’re hosting family or friends, there are plenty of great ideas for how to upgrade your guest room this holiday season. Choosing the right furniture can make all the difference, so we’ve included some of the best guest room furniture ideas to consider.

Guest Beds

Queen Panel Bed with Storage

When you think of a guest bedroom, the first thing that comes to mind is the bed. While the size of your guest bedroom is a major factor in choosing a bed, you’ll also want to consider the type of guests you tend to entertain. While full-size, queen-sized, and king-sized beds are best for couples, twin beds can be good when hosting children or single guests who might not want to share a bed. Daybeds also double as comfortable daytime seating if the guest wants to relax in their room.

Guest Mattresses

Serta Plush Mattress for Sale

Because guest mattresses are often unused during most of the year, many people prioritize affordability over comfort. At Star Furniture, we have innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses to use in your guest bedroom, so you can save money and provide the most comfortable option for your guests. In fact, we offer free delivery when you add a $999 mattress to your order. Plus, our mattress experts can help answer your toughest questions, like how to take care of a new mattress and which Tempur-Pedic mattress is right for you.

Guest Room Storage

Bedroom Dresser Chest

The best way to help guests stay comfortable is to provide them with plenty of storage solutions. While dressers, chests, armoires, and closets are often the best options for helping guests keep their clothes organized during their visit, you can also provide hanging hooks, luggage racks, and other alternative guest room storage options. Nightstands with drawers can be very handy, as they also offer an extra surface for guests to place glasses, reading materials, cell phones, and other personal items.

Guest Room Seating

White Accent Wingback Chair

If you have a large guest room, adding additional seating options can really go the extra mile in making sure your guests are as comfortable as possible. Whether you decide to go with accent chairs, chaise lounges, or other seating options, your guest will appreciate having somewhere to escape for some alone time. Plus, that means more space and alone time for you, too!

Guest Room Lamps

White Modern Table Lamp

Table lamps and floor lamps are especially useful when decorating a guest room. Not only do they increase the lighting in the room, which creates a warm, homey feeling, but they can also be more convenient for your guests. Rather than having to get out of bed to shut off the overhead lights, guests can use the table lamps to navigate around an unfamiliar room. Plus, if one guest would like to stay up late reading, their companion can still go to sleep without harsh overhead lighting.

Guest Room Desks & Vanities

Rachael Ray Vanity with Full-Length Mirror

It can be hard to get ready in other people’s homes but furnishing your guest room with a desk or vanity can help give your guests the space they need to get ready in the morning. This can be especially helpful if you’re limited in how many bathrooms your house has, as it allows people to dry their hair or put on makeup outside of the shared bathrooms. Plus, when guests aren’t around, you can use the desk as a home office to get work done.


Trisha Yearwood Vertical Floor Mirror

While often overlooked, having a guest room mirror makes all the difference. Even without a vanity, a full-length dressing mirror offers guests the opportunity to take in their full wardrobe, touch up make-up, put on jewelry, and more.

Checklist of Things to Have in a Guest Room

  • Somewhere to Sleep
    • Bed, Sofa, Air Mattress, etc.
  • Clothing Storage
    • Dresser, Closet, Luggage Rack, Hanging Hooks, etc.
  • Clean Linens
    • Sheets, Blankets, Pillows, Towels, Washcloths, etc.
  • Basic Toiletries
    • Toothpaste, Soap, Lotion, Shampoo, and Conditioner
  • Conveniences
    • Wastebasket, Clock, Mirror, etc.
  • Personal Touch
    • Fresh Flowers, Reading Material, Mints, Pictures, etc.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your dining room, living room, or guest room, be sure to visit a Star Furniture store in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, or Bryan, Texas. We have everything you need!

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Holiday Dining Room

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner or a holiday party at your house this year? These five dining room ideas from the interior design experts at Star Furniture offer solutions to some of the biggest holiday party dilemmas.

Choose an Extendable Dining Table

With an extendable leaf dining table, you can adjust the table to accommodate holiday guests. That way, you won’t have to crowd guests around a too-small table. Plus, once dinner is over, you can remove the extra leaf and clear up some space for socializing.

Use China Cabinets to Showcase Holiday Decorations

Bored of your usual look? The holidays are a great time to switch up the decorations in your china cabinets. In addition to showcasing fall colors for Thanksgiving and winter whites, blues, golds, greens, and reds, you can also prop up family photos and homemade decorations from holidays past.

Remove What You Don’t Need

If there’s furniture in your dining room that doesn’t serve a specific function, it might be best to move it out of the room until after the holiday party. That said, the whole event doesn’t necessarily need to take place in the dining room. You can always place some tables in the living room to spread out the festivities and give everyone plenty of room to eat and socialize.

Take Advantage of Buffet Tables & Sideboards

While your buffet cabinets and sideboard tables might serve as decoration most of the year, the holidays are a great time to put them to more practical use. Use them to hold appetizers, dinner dishes, drinks, or desserts for easy access. Tiered serving dishes can help you save even more space!

Set Up A Bar Cabinet

When you’re entertaining guests, it can be tempting to have the drink station in the kitchen. However, if you’re making an elaborate holiday dinner, it’s best to keep foot traffic away from the cooking. With a bar cabinet from Star Furniture, you can set up everything you need to make fresh drinks in the dining room, away from the bustling kitchen.

Visit a Star Furniture location in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, or Bryan, Texas for dining room tables, chairs, and all of your other dining room furniture needs. You can also check out our interior design blog for year-round dining room ideas, the top ten most common interior design mistakes, and other helpful interior decorating resources.

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The Rachael Ray Home Collection at Star Furniture features stylish and affordable furniture for every room of the house. Here are some of our favorite pieces for your dining room, living room, and bedroom.

Rachael Ray Home Highline Bunching Display Cabinet

Rachael Ray Home Display Cabinet

Love the Rachael Ray Highline Collection? This display cabinet comes with two glass doors, two drawers, and three adjustable glass shelves. Whatever you decide to display, the mirrored back and 3-way touch light adds a level of sophistication. Plus, it comes with a silverware tray insert for all your dining room storage needs.

Rachael Ray Home Highline Upholstered Bench

Highline Upholstered Bench

This upholstered bedroom bench is the perfect addition to your modern-contemporary interior design. You’ll love the easy-to-clean, neutral-colored fabric and the extra shelf for all your bedroom storage needs.

Rachael Ray Cinema Oval Pedestal Dining Table

Rachael Ray Dining Table

Did you know that round dining tables are one of our favorite dining room trends of 2018? Enjoy a home cooked meal or takeout from your favorite restaurant around this Oval Pedestal Dining Table from the Rachael Ray Cinema collection and bring an element of elegance to your dining area.

Rachael Ray Cinema Upholstered Shelter King Bed

Rachael Ray King Bedroom Set

Looking for modern and contemporary bedroom furniture? This upholstered shelter bed from the Rachael Ray Cinema Collection combines comfort, coziness, and style. For even more luxury, choose one of the Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattresses to go with it.

Planning on upgrading your home décor? Be sure to visit one of the eleven Star Furniture locations in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, or Bryan, Texas. We have a wide range of furniture styles for your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and living room. Plus, our in-store interior designers can help you choose the perfect pieces for your style with our free in-store design service. Visit us today!

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