Small Dining Room Table with Bar Cart

Just because you’re short on space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. In today’s blog, the interior design experts at Star Furniture discuss how to decorate a small living room dining room combo.

Prioritize Function Over Form

When decorating a small living room dining room combo space, the first step is to consider the room’s function. While you’ve likely already established that you want the room to serve both living room and dining room functions, you’ll need to dig a bit deeper. Do you like to host dinner parties or game nights? Do you like to have people over to watch the big game? How often do you eat dinner on the sofa? Once you know how you intend to use the space, you can start making tough decisions about furniture and décor.

Consider the Space

Wondering how to arrange furniture in a living room dining room combo? You’ll need to first consider the room’s dimensions. If you’re decorating a rectangular room, for example, you might split the room into thirds, with two-thirds being used for living room furniture and one-third being used for dining room furniture. Remember, your space dictates so much of what furniture will fit, so start by imagining different functions for each part of the room and how you can arrange the furniture within the physical space to best serve those functions.

Choose the Right Table

Wondering how to fit a dining table in a small living room? You’ll need to spend some time finding the exact right table for your space. To do so, you’ll want to consider the size, shape, and functionality of each table. Folding dining room tables, for example, work great in small spaces because you can easily fold down the sides when the table isn’t in use. Round tables also take up less physical space than square and rectangular tables, and if you want to create the illusion of space, a glass table works wonders.

Find Multi-Function Furniture

Whether you’re decorating a small living room, a small dining room, or some combination of the two, it’s important to choose furniture that can serve multiple functions. Perhaps you’ll want a coffee table with a lift top that can serve as a dining table on the nights you want to eat in front of the TV. Maybe you’ll want a console table that can double as a buffet server when you have guests over for dinner. Storage furniture and furniture with multiple uses will make all the difference in small spaces, so get creative!

Ready to get started? Check out Star Furniture’s huge selection of living room and dining room furniture. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog where we cover everything from how to make a room look bigger to the 10 most common interior design mistakes and how to avoid them.


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Whether you’re designing a cozy reading nook or looking for extra seating to decorate a large living room, reclining loveseats offer exceptional comfort without taking up too much space. Here are some of the best reclining loveseats for sale at Star Furniture.

Fresno Brown Leather Power Reclining Loveseat

Fresno Brown Leather Power Reclining Loveseat in Living Room with Couch and Recliner

Want to get comfortable while binge-watching your favorite shows? This brown leather loveseat features power reclining footrests, power headrests, and power lumbar support. It even comes with a USB charging port for keeping your phone charged from the comfort of your sofa.

West End Power Reclining Loveseat

West End Power Reclining Loveseat

Looking for a small modern loveseat for your living room? This reclining loveseat takes comfort to the next level with power footrests, power headrests, and a cozy memory foam topper, perfect for pressure relief.

Sky White Leather Power Reclining Loveseat

White Overstuffed Reclining Leather Loveseat

Power loveseats don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. In fact, this white leather loveseat features power headrests, power footrests, and a stunning top grain leather upholstery. It even comes with a USB charging port, so you won’t have to get up to plug in your cell phone when working from home.

Mt. Vernon Power Reclining Loveseat

Mt. Vernon Blue Power Reclining Loveseat

Decorating a living room can be challenging, but loveseats are a great way to add some extra seating and create visual interest. This small loveseat doesn’t take up much room, but still offers comfortable seating options for the whole family. You’ll love the power headrests, power footrests, and the memory foam topper for increased comfort.


Dash Black Leather Power Reclining Loveseat

Dash Black Leather Reclining Loveseat

Miss going to the movies? This black loveseat is perfect for your home theater or living room. In addition to its power recline and power headrest, this leather loveseat is a zero wall recliner, which means it’s designed to take up as little space as possible when fully reclined.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect loveseats, sofas, or sectional sofas, Star Furniture has you covered. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog where we cover everything from the best sleeper sofas for small spaces and the best sectional sofas in every price range to how to coordinate furniture and how to choose a color palette for your home.

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Adjustable Base Bed with Incline

While adjustable beds used to be reserved for people with medical issues, more and more individuals are starting to utilize adjustable base beds in their homes, even if they don’t have a specific health problem that requires it. In today’s blog, the mattress experts at Star Furniture discuss what you need to know about adjustable base beds.

Adjustable Base Bed Basics

We’re all creatures of habit, which means that when left to our own devices, we’ll likely keep doing things the way we’ve always done them. That’s true for buying a mattress as well. But because mattress technology has improved so much in the past ten years, it’s important to understand what an adjustable base is and how they can positively impact your sleep patterns.

What is an Adjustable Base Bed?

An adjustable base bed is a mattress foundation that can be easily adjusted to accommodate different sleep preferences. Many adjustable beds have adjustable heights, adjustable elevations, massage capabilities, and other advanced features like wireless remotes, USB charging ports, and preset positions.

What are the Perks of Adjustable Beds?

An adjustable base bed might be just what you need to maximize your sleep potential. Here are some of the main perks you can expect when you purchase an adjustable base bed.

Elevation Control

For many people, the elevation of your head and feet can make a big difference in your comfort level while sleeping. Keeping your upper body elevated, for example, can help prevent snoring and symptoms of acid reflux, while keeping your feet elevated can help with circulation. Choosing different ergonomic settings can even help people with chronic back pain, arthritis, and joint pain. In addition to offering relief from certain medical symptoms, adjustable beds can also be helpful for people who like to watch television or catch up on emails in bed by letting them elevate their backs to a sitting position.

Easy Mobility

For older adults and people with mobility issues, adjustable base beds can make getting in and out of bed much easier, which can prevent dangerous slips and falls. That’s one reason why hospital beds are designed to adjust to different heights and inclines. With adjustable beds, you have the option of elevating your back or adjusting the bed’s height to help you easily and safely stand, rather than standing up from a low, flat position.

Massage Potential

Whether you’re looking for relief from chronic pain or a relaxing escape from reality, many adjustable base beds offer massage capabilities that can be great for your physical and emotional health. The massage function can even help some people fall asleep more quickly.

How to Choose the Right Position for Your Adjustable Base Bed?

Once you buy your adjustable bed, it will take some trial and error to find the position that works best for you and your sleep patterns. Some adjustable beds have preset positions to get you started, including Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, and Flat. If none of those options feel right for you, you’ll want to consider what exactly you’re looking for in a sleep position.

If, for example, you struggle with acid reflux or back pain, you can find suggestions online for different positions that might offer some relief. From there, you’ll want to give the positions a try. But remember, it does take some time to get used to a new bed, so once you’ve found a position you think might be beneficial, you’ll want to give it a week or two before moving on to another option. Otherwise, you may rule it out before your body has had time to adjust. The best part of adjustable base beds is their ability to be customized to your unique needs, so be sure to give this step proper care and don’t just settle for the first comfortable position you find.

Mattresses & Adjustable Base Beds

Because adjustable base beds have just recently entered the mainstream, many people have questions about the logistics, especially when it comes to choosing a mattress. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about mattress compatibility.

Can You Use an Innerspring Mattress on an Adjustable Bed?

It depends. When considering buying an innerspring mattress for an adjustable base bed, you’ll need to first make sure it’s explicitly compatible. Some innerspring mattresses contain interlocking coils, which can get tangled when adjusted to certain settings. Look for innerspring mattresses that explicitly state that they are safe to use with adjustable base beds to prevent mattress damage from occurring.

Can You Use an Adjustable Base with Any Mattress?

Not necessarily. While many mattresses designed within the last five years are compatible with adjustable base beds, it’s not guaranteed. Generally speaking, mattresses need to be able to bend and flex without compromising their structural integrity if they’re going to be used on an adjustable base bed. That said, there are innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses on the market that have been deemed safe to use with adjustable base beds.

Do You Need a Box Spring with an Adjustable Base?

No. In fact, because of their design, box springs are inherently incompatible with adjustable base beds. Instead, the foundation of the adjustable base bed serves as the foundation for your mattress, which means you don’t need to buy a box spring or an alternative foundation. If you prefer the height of a mattress with a box spring, you’ll want to choose an adjustable bed that features height adjustment capabilities.

Do Adjustable Beds Damage Mattresses?

Not if you’re using the right mattress. Adjustable base beds should not damage compatible mattresses any more than a regular bed foundation. That said, you will still need to take proper care of your mattress to best maximize its lifespan by using a mattress protector and regularly rotating or flipping the mattress.

Can I Use My Headboard and Footboard with an Adjustable Bed?

It depends. Many adjustable base beds can be used with standard bed frames, assuming the slats or support rails can be removed. Additionally, they can be attached with brackets to most headboards and footboards. If you have a platform bed, the adjustable bed’s legs must be taken off so it can sit directly on the platform. Once the legs are removed, the bed should function like normal. If you use an adjustable base with a platform bed, you’ll be unable to adjust the bed’s height, so be aware of that before making a purchase.

How to Dress a Split King Adjustable Bed?

A split king mattress requires two twin XL mattress protectors, two fitted twin XL sheets, and a king-sized cover sheet. While you can mix and match sheet sets, there are specially designed split king sheet sets that include the combination of sheets you need. If you have problems keeping the twin XL mattresses together, you may want to consider adjusting the iron plate connector or utilizing a non-slip mattress protector.

Health Problems & Adjustable Base Beds

Especially if you have trouble sleeping or have sleep-adjacent health problems, an adjustable base bed can ease problematic symptoms and help you get a better night’s sleep. Here’s what you need to know about common health problems and how adjustable base beds can help.

Are Adjustable Beds Good for Acid Reflux?

Yes, though it depends on the type of adjustable bed. For people with acid reflux, lying down flat can increase discomfort, but by facilitating inclination of both the upper body and lower body simultaneously, gravity can prevent the symptoms of acid reflux.

Do Adjustable Beds Help Snoring?

They can! Snorers who sleep with their head slightly elevated (which is made easy by the adjustable base bed) often see a reduction in their snoring habits. In fact, some adjustable base beds come with a preset “Anti-Snore” position. Not only does it provide some relief for the person who snores, but it can also make sleep more pleasant for their partner.

Do Adjustable Base Beds Help with Sleep Apnea?

They can! While CPAP machines are the main treatment for sleep apnea, sleeping with your upper body elevated can help reduce snoring and sleep apnea.

Are Adjustable Beds Good for your Back?

It depends on the mattress and the positions you choose. For many people, back pain can be alleviated by sleeping on a slight incline with extra support under the knees. Because aches and pains are often unique to the individual, with an adjustable base bed, you can try a wide range of positions to find out which one works best for you.

Note: It’s important to remember that adjustable base beds are not a treatment for sleep apnea, snoring, acid reflux, or back pain, but used in tandem with other treatments, they can help provide some relief from the symptoms associated with those issues.

Buying Adjustable Base Beds

Now that you understand more about adjustable base bed capabilities and concerns, it’s time to start considering whether or not an adjustable bed is right for you. Here are some of the questions we get about buying adjustable base beds for the first time.

How Much is an Adjustable Bed?

Adjustable beds for sale at Star Furniture tend to range from $699 to $2199 depending on the included features. While the more affordable adjustable base beds only offer a few positions, high-end adjustable beds include features like wireless remotes, massage capabilities, pillow tilt, and multiple height options. Before you choose an adjustable base bed, you’ll want to determine which of these features are most important to you based on your own sleep patterns and preferences.

Are Adjustable Beds Worth It?

We think so! We’ve found that for many of our customers, adjustable beds make all the difference in the quality of sleep they’re getting every night. Not only can they be helpful for people with certain medical conditions like sleep apnea and chronic back pain, but they can also assist people with mobility issues who need assistance getting in and out of bed. In general, adjustable base beds offer a great deal of customization, which means a mattress that can better accommodate your unique sleep needs. While they can be expensive, better sleep is priceless.

What is the Best Adjustable Bed for the Money?

We think that the Reverie R400 is one of the best adjustable beds for the money. Not only does it feature head and foot adjustability, massage capabilities, a Bluetooth remote, an under-the-bed nightlight, and adjustable bed heights, but it also includes Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, and Flat presets. It also features a 20-year limited warranty, so you don’t have to worry about its longevity. Plus, it comes in several sizes, including full, queen, and split king.

Where to Buy Adjustable Beds?

Whether you’re shopping for a new mattress or simply looking for an adjustable base bed to pair with your current mattress, Star Furniture & Mattress has everything you need. Not only do we have a huge selection of adjustable base beds and mattresses, but we’ve also revolutionized the mattress shopping experience so you don’t have to settle for the status quo.

Ready to start shopping? Visit a Star Furniture store today to experience the most comfortable mattress buying experience in Texas. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog, where we cover everything from how to decorate a master bedroom to everything you need to know about beds.

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Split King Bed in Bedroom

Buying a mattress is a big investment that will affect your sleep for years to come, which is why it’s so important to make an informed decision. Here’s what you need to know if you’re choosing between a split king and a traditional king mattress.

What is a Split King Bed?

A split king bed is a bed that combines two separate twin XL mattresses to create a combined mattress the size of a traditional king bed (76” x 80”). Split king mattresses are compatible with adjustable base beds and are great for couples with different sleep preferences.

Split King Vs. King Bed

Deciding between a split king and a king mattress? Here’s what you need to consider.

Split King Bed: Pros & Cons

Split king beds have many benefits. For one, because a split king mattress includes two separate mattresses, motion transfer is eliminated. That means that when your partner is tossing and turning, you won’t even notice.

Generally speaking, split king mattresses are the best way to accommodate couples with different sleep preferences. Not only can your half of the bed move separately on an adjustable base, but you can also choose mattresses with different levels of firmness.

One downside of a split king bed is that you’ll need to take extra care when purchasing sheets. While some people end up combining sheet sets so they have two twin XL fitted sheets and a king cover sheet, there are sheet sets specifically designed for split king beds.

Because the mattresses are separate, there is a small gap between the two beds which can cause discomfort if you or your partner tend to drift toward the middle of the bed over the course of the night.

How to Keep Adjustable Split King Mattress Together?

While choosing the right fitted bed frame should alleviate this problem, people who move a lot in their sleep sometimes report that split king mattresses slide apart over the course of the night. If you’re trying to keep your adjustable split king mattress together, you can try one of these solutions.

Adjust the Iron Plate Connector

Many split king beds come with an iron plate connector. If you’re having trouble keeping the mattress together, try resetting the metal plate to the farthest setting apart.

Invest in Non-Slip Accessories

If you’re still having issues, you might want to purchase a non-slip mattress pad or try using non-slip tape on the bottom of your mattress.

What Kind of Sheets Do You Put on a Split King Bed?

A split king mattress requires two fitted twin XL sheets and a king-sized cover sheet. If you’re buying a sheet set, there are specially designed split king sheet sets that include the combination of sheets you need in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors.

Ready to start shopping? Star Furniture completely revolutionized the mattress shopping experience with our customers in mind. Visit one of our mattress showrooms throughout Texas or shop online today. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog, where we cover everything from which TEMPUR-pedic mattress is right for you to large master bedroom ideas to try in your home.

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