Our Favorite Beds for Sale for Every Budget

by Jane K on September 14, 2020

One of the most important parts of decorating your bedroom is choosing the right bed. Not only does the bed often function as the focal point of your bedroom, but it can also be the piece of bedroom furniture that you design the rest of the room around. In today’s furniture blog, we highlight some of the best beds for sale at Star Furniture, regardless of your budget.

Affordable Beds

Decorating your home on a budget can be challenging, but with Star Furniture’s extensive collection of affordable beds, you can find something you love in every price range and every style.

Howell Upholstered Bed

Howell Upholstered Bed

Upholstered beds are one of the hottest interior design trends of the past few years, and this stylish bed comes in four different colors, including dove grey, natural herringbone, sandstone, and dark grey. Not only will it look great in your bedroom, but it’s also available for under $600, making it an affordable option for any master bedroom.

Heartland Decorative Panel Bed

Decorative Panel Bed

If you’re decorating your home in the farmhouse style, you’ll want to check out this decorative panel bed, which features raised panels, antiqued ceiling tiles on the headboard, and a beautiful tobacco finish.

Midtown Poster Bed

Midtown Poster Bed

This stunning poster bed takes style to the next level. Not only is it upholstered with a beautiful nailhead trim, but it features solid wood tapered posts with a steel accent finish. With its mixture of traditional and modern features, this bed would be perfect for a bedroom decorated in the transitional interior design style.

Upscale Beds

Looking for something a little more high-end? In addition to our more affordable bed options, we also offer luxury beds that will make the perfect addition to your master bedroom.

Santa Cruz Platform Bed

Mango Wood Platform Bed with Metal Accents

You’ll love this modern platform bed that’s sustainably made from hand-carved mango wood and reclaimed iron. Not only would it work great as a bedroom focal point, it also incorporates one of our favorite interior design trends: mixing metals.

Weatherford Lynton Rustic Sleigh Bed

Rustic décor continues to be one of the hottest interior design trends in the industry, and this unique bed combines the rustic with the more traditional sleigh bed shape. While this bed would look great in a farmhouse bedroom, it includes a combination of traditional, modern, and casual design fingerprints that make it a versatile addition to any master bedroom.

Visit a Star Furniture store near you for all of your bedroom furniture needs, including a huge selection of mattresses for sale. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog where we cover everything from what is the best mattress for the money to how to decorate a large master bedroom.

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Large Living Room Ideas to Try in Your Home

by Jane K on September 10, 2020

Large Living Room with Leather Sectional

Looking for large living room ideas for your home? In today’s blog, we discuss how to decorate a large living room so that it feels cozy, functional, and stylish.

Choose Oversized Furniture

Furniture scale is incredibly important when decorating your living room. When decorating a large living room, you’ll want to choose large or oversized furniture pieces. Oversized furniture is one of our favorite large living room ideas because it makes the room feel cozy and comfortable. Try utilizing extra-large sectional sofas with a chaise lounge, large coffee tables, and other furniture pieces that take up more space and make the room feel full and functional.

Float Your Furniture

Looking for large living room layout ideas? Try floating your furniture away from the wall. Not only does floating furniture create better traffic flow for your living room, but it also can create a space that feels cozy, intimate, and intentional. Plus, floating your furniture automatically creates distinct zones, which can be especially helpful now as we try to make our space serve multiple purposes.

Divide the Room

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have had to adjust the way they use the space in their home. Visually dividing the room is one of our favorite large living room ideas, not just because it makes the room feel cozier, but because it allows you to better adjust your space to your needs. Think about how you might use the room. If, for example, you find yourself working from home, creating a small remote workspace in your large living room can help fill the room and create a functional space to use.

Double-Up on Accents

Looking for innovative ways to decorate a large living room? Try doubling up on accent furniture. Push two identical coffee tables together, purchase two of the same accent chairs to mirror each other, or double up on cocktail ottomans, wall art, or end tables. Not only will the symmetry look great, but the extra accent furniture can help the room feel less empty.

Need help decorating your living room? The interior design experts at Star Furniture can help. Check out our interior design blog, where we cover everything from how to create a focal point to the best sectional sofas in every price range. You can also visit a Star Furniture & Mattress store near you to check out our amazing selection of affordable living room furniture!

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Mattress Showroom

For many people, the question of where to buy a mattress feels like a fairly low stakes decision. There’s plenty of mattress stores that feature great prices and a great selection, not to mention the fact that you can now easily buy a mattress online. But not all mattress stores are created equal. In fact, Star Furniture & Mattress stores throughout Texas have completely revolutionized the mattress buying experience with you, the consumer, in mind.

The Most Comfortable Mattress Experience in Texas Explained

Star Furniture Mattress Showroom

We’ve all had the experience of walking into a big box mattress store with aggressive lighting, overwhelming options, and pushy salespeople with ulterior motives. That’s not how we do things at Star. When we boast the most comfortable mattress shopping experience in Texas, we mean it. Here’s what makes up the Star experience.

A Relaxing Atmosphere

At Star Furniture & Mattress, we’re not just about comfortable mattresses, we’re about a comfortable mattress buying experience. One step inside will show you how different we are. Instead of bright, intrusive lighting, the lights are dim, and the walls are covered, not in price stickers, but with a giant projection wall that plays relaxing videos.

Intentional Layout, Patient Salespeople

Our layout is clear and intentional, and our mattress salespeople are knowledgeable and patient—never pushy. Rather than doing things the way they’ve always been done, we recognized that the old model wasn’t working, which, aside from convenience, is why so many people end up buying mattresses online. But mattresses are like jeans, you can only get so much from a review. You need to try them on for size or else you could end up with something that will never fit right.

Comfort & Quality Are King

Unlike at other mattress stores, every Star Furniture customer has a singular experience that centers around what people care about most—comfort and quality.

Price Takes a Back Seat

While price is important, we don’t believe it should be the only consideration when comes to finding the perfect mattress.  In fact, this is often how mistakes are made, when we only focus on price. At Star Furniture & Mattress, we believe in starting you off on the highest quality mattress at your preferred comfort level so you can develop a solid understanding of your options. It is where the perfect feel, in the quality you expect, meets your desired budget that we find the most satisfied mattress customers. At Star we have all the major brands in every price point, so your perfect mattress is here, but it’s how we go about finding it that folks are raving about!

A Universal Mattress Shopping Experience

Say you’re looking for a firm mattress. We start by showing you the highest quality firm mattress we have available. From there, the innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses are organized in a line by quality and price, so you can move down the row, notating what works for you, what doesn’t, and what you’re gaining and losing by choosing any individual mattress.

Facilitating an Educated Decision

In other words, buying a mattress at Star Furniture provides you with the information and comparisons you need to make an educated decision. Mattress technology has changed a lot in the past few years, so many people just don’t know what’s out there. Star Furniture solves that problem by giving you a clear look at your options.

COVID-19 Mattress Shopping Safety Precautions

Masked Man in Mattress Showroom

We understand that many of our customers are justifiably nervous about mattress shopping during the coronavirus pandemic. That’s why we’ve implemented these COVID-19 safety precautions for testing mattresses. While there is always a risk when shopping in public, we’ve done absolutely everything in our power to make the mattress buying process safe for our customers and our employees.

  • All employees and shoppers are required to wear masks inside the store
  • Hand sanitizer is provided to customers before, during, and after testing mattresses
  • While we’ve always provided a protective sheet to cover the pillow during mattress testing, we now also offer individually packed and sealed, hygienic mattress testing kits with an anti-microbial pillow cover and mattress cover for each customer to use during their visit
  • Every showroom mattress is sprayed with disinfectant each night

If you’re looking for the most comfortable mattress buying experience in Texas, look no further than your nearest Star Furniture & Mattress store in Houston, Austin, Sugar Land, and Bryan, Texas. In the meantime, check out the Star Furniture blog, where we cover everything from the most frequently asked questions about mattresses to our complete mattress buying guide.

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How to Coordinate Furniture

by Jane K on September 7, 2020

Living Room with Blue Accent Chair

If you don’t know much about interior design, it can be hard to mix and match your furniture into one coherent look. But that doesn’t mean you’re destined to only buy complete furniture sets. In today’s furniture blog, we answer some of your home décor questions and discuss how to coordinate furniture the right way.

Does Furniture Have to Match?

It depends on what you mean by the word ‘match.’ Generally speaking, all of the furniture in a specific room should complement each other. Many people buy furniture sets, like a dining set that comes with a table and matching chairs. While sets are designed to work together, they aren’t the only option. Your furniture can “match” without coming from the same set and without the kinds of similarities that are usually seen in many furniture sets, i.e. similar finishes, upholstery, colors, detailing, etc.

Do Accent Chairs Have to Match?

Yes and no. By nature, accent chairs stand out from the other furniture in the room. That said, there should be some connection between your accent furniture and the other furniture in the room. If, for example, you’re decorating a living room with a beige sofa, you may choose an accent chair that’s a color featured on one of the couch’s throw pillows. Similarly, if your home is decorated in the modern interior design style, you’ll want to choose an accent chair with modern features that mimic certain characteristics and complement the other furniture in the living room.

How to Coordinate Furniture?

When it comes to coordinating furniture, it’s important to see the big picture. Matching, in this case, just involves choosing complementary colors, styles, textures, silhouettes, etc., so that the furniture works well together in the room. If you decide not to choose a furniture set, you’ll need to pinpoint certain characteristics of your décor and find ways to complement them. Generally speaking, you should limit your color palette, pay attention to scale, choose a couple of wood finishes, and stick to a singular theme or style. You wouldn’t, for example, want to pair an oversized, traditional armoire with a sleek, modern couch.

Need help coordinating your furniture? The interior design experts at Star Furniture can help. In addition to our huge selection of furniture for every room in the house, when you shop at a Star Furniture store near you, you’ll have access to complimentary interior design services to help you create the home of your dreams. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog where we cover everything from how to choose a sectional sofa to the 10 most common interior design mistakes to avoid.

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High-Tech Mattresses: What You Need to Know About Mattress Technology

August 30, 2020

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