Arch. Salvage by A.R.T.

by Star Furniture on December 7, 2016

Artistic, reflective, and timeless.

These words ring true once you’ve laid eyes on the Arch. Salvage Collection by A.R.T.

This collection is so artistic, with intricate detailing meticulously placed around even the tiniest knob of a drawer! It’s also characterized by other features, such as the carved corbels on a dresser, intended to reflect neoclassical structures as ordinary as a mantelpiece. The Arch. Salvage collection is a timeless beauty. It’s a tasteful combination of traditional European architectural detailing AND thoughtful functionality for today’s living.


Sounds pretty amazing, don’t you think?

This collection aims at bringing the old architectural elements of the past to craft a new, traditionally-styled collection your vintage-loving soul will simply yearn for! 🙂 Let’s take a look at what A.R.T. “salvaged” up for us in the the bedroom:

The Bedroom

This first piece, called the Arch. Salvage Chambers Panel Bed, will surely bring out the well-deserved, inner duchess living in you.

A captivating cornice molding crowns over the edge of the headboard with a beautifully carved shield and acanthus leaf design right in the middle!


Functionality really comes into play since the bed has a flip-top bench at it’s foot, with a cedar-lined storage compartment inside. There’s really no such thing as too much storage. ;P

Similarly, the Arch. Salvage Wren Dresser also uses the acanthus leaf motif, which is placed on a pair of decorative corbels. These rest upon the dramatic pilasters framing the dresser, much like an elaborately decorated, neoclassical European building:


Taking inspiration from the 18th century Adam’s Bro. period, which actually revived classical Roman motifs, a Greek meander carving is stamped right across the front of all nine drawers. This really adds that extra touch of detailing that makes each piece sooo beautiful.

Other bedroom pieces follow the same traditional style, with a stunning, casual Parch finish that provides the worn, sun-bleached look to this collection:


Plus, the Cady Nightstand even incorporates a USB port, how handy is that?

Let’s move on to the dining room.

The Dining Room

Here we have a real jaw-dropper. The Arch. Salvage Pearce Dining Table is characterized by its unique blend of materials, including hardwood solids and elm veneers:


A hint of industrial rusticness accents this piece with its’ metal X stretcher support between the scrolls and struts of the table, somewhat reminiscent of an old balcony rail. This design, paired with its’ provincial hardwood floor pattern on the tabletop, shows architectural inspiration from floor to ceiling! 🙂

Add the Arch. Salvage Reeves Host Chair to each end of this table to add some tufted upholstery to the mix:


Gorgeous attention to detail is accentuated by the chair’s nailhead trim, and even more striking are the contrasting fabrics on the inside and exterior parts (which includes hand painted linen!) of the chair.

There are so many things I love about this collection, you’ll simply be blown away! The collection as a whole is a tribute to the old that remains timeless, as historical structures and elements are embodied within each piece and repurposed for us here today!

Come check out the Arch. Salvage Collection on our showroom floor at one of our eleven STAR locations! Don’t forget to share with your friends too! 🙂


A little bit more from Rachael Ray Home

by Star Furniture on December 1, 2016

Last month we introduced Rachael Ray’s Home Furniture Collection, which consisted of a modern selection of pieces with a fresh, relaxed and casual design. Honestly, I’m still completely lusting over how Rachael Ray’s inviting, contemporary Highline collection authentically translates the bold and sophisticated style often associated with urban, loft living.

We are even more excited to share another line by Rachael Ray, one with an additional mid-century modern charm and touch of retro, the Soho Collection!

The Soho collection has a vivid style with so many fun pieces, I’m starting to get excited just talking about them! With a bit of a darker color palette compared to the Highline collection, Soho uses an jazzy Ash Brown finish combined with soft gold toned hardware and accents:


The silhouettes of each piece flourish in simplicity, with every smooth, effortless curve adding even more beauty to the collection. Just look at the lively Soho Oval Cocktail Table!


Or the Soho Chairside Drawer Table:


These pieces, like many others throughout this collection, take us back to the 1970s era with its’ round, curvy shapes paired with metallic, tubular leg tips. While a retro style permeates throughout the entire line, it’s merely an undertone to the fresh contemporary look that ultimately characterizes Rachael Ray’s Soho Collection.

Did I forget to mention how functional these pieces are? For example, the Soho Etagere is one of my favorites, with it’s all around finish and a pass through drawer that opens on both sides!


This piece acts as a wonderful divider between rooms in an open space.

Now onto the upholstery, which is absolutely fabulous:


So many patterns add to the fun, playful style of the Soho upholstery pieces, such as the Soho Print Chair or the Soho Honeycomb Chair:


As I mentioned in our last blog post, the entire Rachael Ray Home Furniture collection is eclectic as a whole, blending together design with function throughout both the Highline and Soho lines. You will surely stumble upon something you love from this brilliant selection of modern-contemporary pieces! Don’t hesitate to browse our selection online to check them out! 🙂

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Rachael Ray’s Highline Furniture Collection

by Star Furniture on November 8, 2016

If you love watching the Food Network then you may be familiar with the name Rachael Ray, in which case you’re not going to believe what we have planned today! If this name doesn’t ring a bell, you’re still in for a fabulous treat. 🙂

Just so everyone’s on the same page, the lovely Rachael Ray – celebrity cook, businesswoman, author, and daily talk show host – has released her very own home furniture collection!

What’s even more exciting is that the Rachael Ray Home Furniture Collection is now available on our showroom floor, just for you! ;P


Yes, I know. We are sooo excited too!

You may have even learned a recipe or two from this amazing celebrity cook, who has hosted three Food Network series and her own lifestyle program, Rachael Ray. Just as her viewers drool over her heavenly 30-minute meals, we are absolutely drooling over this entire collection! The Rachael Ray Home Furniture Collection as a whole is eclectic, with pieces in each line inspired by her love for designing anything related to the home.

Rachael’s Highline Collection, which is currently available at Star, fully embodies the bold and fresh vibrancy of where she spends a majority of her time: in the heart of New York City. <3 Rachael Ray’s Highline furniture is characterized by it’s inviting and relaxed design, all of which cumulate into this modern style that really stands out as a reflection of city living.  

Let’s begin in the kitchen, where most of us have to come to know Rachael best. 🙂

First, let me point out the fact that the Highline Kitchen Island has a built-in chute right in the middle of the wooden butcher block top that feeds scraps or trimmings right into your garbage can! So convenient for wiping down and keeping crumbs off the floor.

110816_rr_blog_2110816_rr_blog_3On the other end of the kitchen island, Rachael even allotted some shelf space for up to twelve bottles of wine! That’s for all you wine connoisseurs out there. 😉 Additionally, two bars for hanging the crucial, designated dish towels are also included! The Highline Kitchen Island is designed to be one large work unit so that everything’s available within an arm’s reach, a dream come true for those who love to cook.

However, if you’re more interested in updating your bedroom style, then you are going to adore the Highline Upholstered Poster Bed:


A modern take on a classic canopy bed, this bed features beautiful white oak veneers that compliment the finely tailored upholstered headboard. The combination of a high upholstered back bed with a tall canopy frame is sure to surround you with a sense of comfort and security at the end of the day. Add the Highline Upholstered Bench to the foot of the bed and even further complete the refined, relaxed look. 🙂

Since we’re on the topic of upholstery, we can’t leave out the Highline 3-Seat Sofa:


The sofa’s rich textural fabrics are so inviting, with a neutral ivory color that’s sure to go with anything. 🙂 This piece works wonderfully with a relaxed, casual decor for everyday living.

The Highline Nightstand tables and Highline Chairside tables are also fantastic, which work perfectly as end tables or accent tables in any room.


Both tables are beautifully finished all around, so there’s no need to worry about hiding the back side against a wall. The nightstand tables also include USB and electrical outlets to keep your space cord-free and clean of clutter!

Lastly, an unexpected bonus piece is also included in the collection: the Highline Pet Bed!


It’s true, Rachael Ray thought of everything, including our little furry friends. 🙂

The entire line gives off a calm air of relaxation, surrounded by a clean and sophisticated design. It’s a bold and fresh modern style, fit for anyone who desires that refined, crisp look in their room decor.

Come see the delightfully exquisite Rachael Ray Highline Collection on our showroom floors! Don’t forget to share all the details about this divine new collection with your friends! <3


Solid Wood Furniture: Kincaid Wildfire

by Star Furniture on October 25, 2016

We have another beautiful collection on our showroom floors – the Kincaid Wildfire Collection! If you’ve been searching for furniture made of natural, solid wood then this collection may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Kincaid furniture is authentic, and they’re 100% dedicated to making wood furniture in it’s most natural form. 🙂 It’s truly stunning.


In place of real, solid wood many furniture manufacturers use veneer, a thin decorative coating of fine wood, over particleboard, a rigid panel of compressed wood chips or resin.

Pieces from Kincaid stand out among the crowd as their solid wood construction methods are sure to outlast the more commonly used veneer over particleboard, which often crack and peel over time.

The use of genuine solid wood on all exterior panels and shaped edges will keep these lovely pieces looking beautifully sharp year in and year out! Not only does the striking use of authentic elements allow pieces to withstand wear over time, but also creates the balanced look and feel of a rustic, transitional style of furniture. 🙂

Just take a look at Kincaid’s Queen Wildfire Panel Bed:


Made from durable and lustrous acacia wood, this bed’s enchanting look is largely the result of it’s unique wire-brushed ember finish. Kincaid also incorporates fully floating bed panels, which basically means the solid wood components can easily expand and contract in response to humidity levels in your home!

This is just one of the many benefits provided by Kincaid’s solid wood construction techniques!

Other characteristics are featured in the drawer construction, which is evident in pieces like the Wildfire Seed Glass Sideboard or the Wildfire Dresser:



Kincaid’s drawers are held tightly into place thanks to the unique English dovetail, wood-on-wood design on the drawer front and back ends. This dovetail construction ensures the drawer joints are virtually impossible to pull apart, essentially adding to this collection’s durability and strength! Along with these distinct drawer features, a center foot is added for even more stability and balance!

In addition to the reassurance behind such diligent craftsmanship, the authentic antique seeded glass pairs pleasantly with the distressed hardware. Combined with the acacia wood and ember finish, a relaxed feel is ultimately achieved.  🙂

Much like the strength that’s added from the dovetail drawer construction, all of Kincaid’s solid wood chairs are crafted using a glue and screw technique across a finger-jointed corner! This technique adds some extra strength and support for all chairs across the collection, such as the Post Arm Chair or Post Side Chairs:


So much goes on behind the solid wood construction that makes Kincaid’s furniture so unique!

Each piece is designed to withstand years and years of use, that it will even outlive you! This strikingly beautiful, natural style is so comfortably designed that you’ll want to share it with generations to come. 🙂


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