Whether you’re completely refurnishing your dining room or just updating your space, these five dining room ideas can help you achieve the perfect setting for family dinners and casual dinner parties.

Round Dining Tables

Do your dinner conversations tend to turn toward academic discussions and lively debates? Because of their shape, round dining tables are perfect for intimate conversations shared between friends and family. Whether you’re sharing a meal or competing in family game night, a round dining table will bring you closer to the people around you.

Buffet Cabinets

If you’re looking for dining room ideas outside of traditional dining sets, buffet cabinets can be a great way to add charm and functionality to your dining space. This Hutch & Buffet from Weatherford Hastings features adjustable shelves and drawers with a beautiful, rustic style.

Counter-Height Tables

Especially in smaller spaces, counter-height dining tables can create the illusion of space in the room, plus they provide additional food prep space if your kitchen lacks traditional counter space. If you find yourself frequently entertaining guests, counter-height tables can also make it less awkward to have a seated conversation with people standing nearby.

Dining Benches

Who needs their own chair? As interior designers shift from formal to more casual looks, dining benches continue to gain popularity in dining rooms across the country. Save space without losing seating capacity and create a more casual, intimate eating experience for your friends and family.

Built-In Storage

If your kitchen and dining area are lacking in space, a dining table with built-in storage can be a great way to add functionality without sacrificing style. We love this gorgeous Drop Leaf Counter Table with Stacked Drawers from our Trisha Yearwood Collection, which offers extra drawer storage and flexible table tops to save space in your dining room.

If you’re planning on redesigning your dining room, be sure to visit a Star Furniture location in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, or Bryan, Texas, where you’ll find new furniture for every room in the house. Plus, our in-store interior designers can help you find your distinct style with our free in-store design service. Visit us today!


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First Apartment Home Decor

There are few things more exciting, yet daunting than getting out and living on your own. These interior design tips will help you furnish and decorate your new apartment to be functional, fashionable, and fun.

Try Different Furniture Arrangements

Chances are, your first apartment won’t be the exact size and shape of your dreams. That’s why it’s essential to try out different arrangements before deciding on a layout that works best for your space. The free Star Furniture Room Planner Designer Tool can eliminate the heavy lifting so you can try out different layouts with the click of the mouse. The dimensions of our furniture products are already programmed in, so you can see exactly how that new sofa you’re eyeing will look in your new space.

Embrace the Area Rug

Renting an apartment often means living with dingy carpets or damaged wood floors. If you’re not in love with the flooring in your apartment, you can use area rugs to hide the flooring you don’t like. Plus, the right area rug can showcase your unique style and anchor the room. If you’re not great with design, Star Furniture has a team of interior design experts ready to help you realize your stylistic vision through our free, in-store design service.

Create the Illusion of Space

Home mirrors are more than just a way to make sure you don’t have anything stuck in your teeth before leaving the house. In fact, the right mirror in the right location can create the illusion of space, making your small apartment feel much more spacious than it actually is. You can even use mirror placement to capitalize on natural light so your room shines.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

One of the biggest mistakes people make when furnishing their first apartment is forgetting to focus on the non-essentials. Even if you have all the large furniture items checked off your list, you still have work to do. At Star Furniture, we have plenty of home décor and accents to add comfort, color, and personality to your existing space.


Visit one of our furniture stores in Houston, Austin, San Antonio or Bryan, Texas to find everything from living room furniture and mattresses to wall accents and bedding. You can also follow our interior design blog for even more decorating tips. Check us out today!

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Home Office Furniture at Star Furniture

We can’t always keep our work life and home life separate, but we can help make it more manageable. Designing the perfect home office can help keep you comfortable, focused, and productive when you need to work from home. Here are some of our favorite home office ideas from the interior designers at Star Furniture:

Choose the Right Desk Type

There are several different desk styles to consider when furnishing your home office. From elaborate executive desks to simple writing desks, Star Furniture has a variety of office furniture to fit every lifestyle. The style you choose is ultimately up to your personal taste and its ability to fit the existing décor. You’ll also want to make sure the desk fits your functional needs as well: Do you need built-in storage? Is it durable enough for your work?

Make Sure the Seating is Just Right

A comfortable office chair can make all the difference in a productive work day! When you visit a Star Furniture store in Texas, you can try out our different office chairs and choose the one that best fits your office style, price range, and comfort level. Don’t forget to inspect the height of your chair vs the clearance under your desk—your seating should be low enough that your feet comfortably reach the ground, but not too high where your knees hit the bottom.

Don’t Skimp on Storage

Not all work spaces are created equal. If you want to stay productive, it’s important that your home office is designed with storage in mind. Prioritize organization by purchasing bookcases, file cabinets, credenzas, and other storage cabinets to keep your office free of clutter.

Go Easy on the Eyes

When you’re designing your home office, you’ll want to go easy on the eyes. In addition to picking out light kits and desk lamps to complement the overhead and natural lighting in your office, consider the placement of digital displays so they’re close enough to see without straining your eyes, and choose a color palette that brightens the room.

Don’t Lose Your Personal Style

Your home office décor doesn’t have to be drab. When you’re designing your home office, keep your personal style in mind, and choose accent pieces and area rugs that help showcase your distinct personality.


Need help designing your home office? We’ve got you covered! Our Star Furniture locations in Houston, San Antonio and Austin offer free in-store consultations with our team of professional interior designers. Plus, you can use our Room Planner Designer Tool to help arrange your furniture without any heavy lifting. Try it today.

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There’s a certain rush of excitement that soon-to-be parents get when creating the perfect first bedroom for their child. These five tips for designing your child’s bedroom will help you ensure that they’ll feel safe, happy, and productive in their bedroom for years to come.

Personalize the Design

When you’re designing your child’s bedroom, you’ll want to consider their unique personality. Depending on their age, you can even involve them in the process. Let them choose a color or theme that fits their personality and that isn’t too age-specific so you can easily adjust the décor as they grow.

Look Toward the Future

Children grow up fast, and while it can be tempting to tailor their bedroom to the age they’re currently at, you’ll want to consider the future in your design.  By selecting neutral furniture pieces, you open the opportunity for age-appropriate bedroom accessories that won’t clash with a changing décor. You might also consider buying larger kids’ beds so you won’t have to replace them as your child gets bigger.

Use Our Room Planner Designer Tool

Take advantage of your specific space by using the free, easy-to-use room planner designer tool from Star Furniture. Not only does it allow you to customize the dimensions of your specific room, but it also allows you to see how different kids’ furniture products will fit in the space.

Create Separate Spaces

Bedrooms are for more than sleeping, and by creating separate spaces within your child’s bedroom, you can create a place they’ll feel comfortable sleeping, playing, reading, relaxing, and doing homework. In fact, we have a large selection of children’s desks for homework, the perfect furniture to design a reading nook, and loft beds to maximize space in the bedroom.

Make Organization Easy

Set your kids up for success by providing the furniture they need to stay organized as they grow. Choose from items like kids’ dressers, hutches, and bookcases, which can help kids keep their rooms free from clutter.


Visit a Star Furniture store near you to find a huge selection of kids’ furniture and home décor. We even have experienced interior designers on-site to give free, in-store design advice. We hope to see you soon!

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