How to Navigate Your Next Mattress Purchase

by Star Furniture on October 4, 2016

What’s a girl have to do to get a good night’s sleep?

With so many mattress choices available, purchasing one can seem like an overwhelming task. Everyone stumbles upon this issue at one point or another, whether it’s buying a new mattress for your new home or just replacing an old one that’s wayy overdue.

The whole process of buying a mattress may seem daunting and unclear, considering we only buy a few in our lifetime.

Especially nowadays.

There is so much new technology unfolding, countless features to choose from, mattresses in a box, plush versus ultra plush, and the list goes on! How does one know where to begin?!

Well, thankfully, I’m here to set things straight and outline a couple pointers for those of you in the market for a new mattress. 🙂


Read up on the technology.

If it’s a been over a decade since your last mattress purchase, an overwhelming amount of information about these newer, high-tech mattresses can be difficult to decipher. Mattresses have changed significantly, so make sure to read up on the latest and greatest mattress features that make these babies 10x more comfortable than ever before. Understanding the basics about the different types of mattresses available also helps too. 🙂

Which features are right for you?

In addition to actually understanding what all the high-tech mumbo jumbo actually means, you’ll definitely want to read up on how different types of mattress features cater to specific sleeping needs. For example, a mattress with a cooling gel technology will work wonders for those who wake up hot and bothered in the middle of the night (ahem, me).

Mattresses in a box

On top of that, we are also hearing about mattresses being sold in a box!

Do I really want to sleep on a mattress that can be folded into a box?

Let’s be frank – if I’m going to spend a third of my life asleep on a mattress, I sure better be able to place my back on it before purchasing it. 🙂

At Star, we have some of the most highly recommended mattress brands in the industry who really know their stuff when it comes to making a comfy bed. You can actually come by our store to try it out for yourself.

Plush vs. Ultra Plush ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There are more than a few options when it comes to deciding the comfort level of your mattress, which seems overwhelming at first.

It turns out that the difference between plush and ultra plush isn’t very difficult to grasp. Plush is soft, yet firm. Ultra plush is like you’re sleeping on a cloud!

Basically, as long as you have an idea of how firm or soft you like your mattress, then narrowing down the various options for different comfort levels will be a piece of cake.

Hopefully this helps guide you a bit on how to approach this type of purchase nowadays. If not, we also have a complete mattress guide for reference available on our website! Luckily for you, we are currently offering some crazy closeout savings on some of our Tempur-Pedic mattresses while supplies last! These specials are definitely worth checking out! 🙂

Until next time lovelies, and don’t forget to share with your friends!


Smartstuff Youth Furniture and Safety

by Star Furniture on September 20, 2016

So last week we covered almost all of the ingenious features that make the Smartstuff collection ideal for your kid’s bedroom. However, today, I want take into account another major consideration for decorating Juniors bedroom: safety.

I think we can all agree that safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to anything and everything related to your children.

The Smartstuff line not only has all those cool, innovative and streamlined qualities, but it’s also totally dependable.


Your child’s safety is always a priority. Period. Especially considering recent coverage of major youth furniture recalls, a result of devastating toddler deaths from unsecured furniture tipping over. You just can’t afford to overlook safety features.

It’s not worth it.

Each piece in this collection seems like it was designed by a parent who can relate to this concern. Smartstuff literally thought of everything that can go wrong, from furniture tip-overs to slammed fingers, and that in itself is incredibly reassuring.

Some examples of these top-notch safety features and construction include anchors for securing dressers, bureaus, chests, and desk hutches.

2_smartstuffsafetyblog 3_smartstuffsafetyblog

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Report, there are an estimated 38,000 emergency department-treated injuries each year related to furniture tip-overs, with two-thirds of those injuries involving children younger than five.

A pretty shocking statistic. On top of the anti-tip restraint hardware included in these pieces, built-in stops were added as an extra safety measure to prevent drawers from falling out. Plus, drawers are designed to be self-closing, which means less worrying about kids slamming their fingers! Yay!


Another measure Smartstuff takes to ensure your child’s safety also includes plywood slat roll bed foundations, which are stronger than wooden slats, to add extra sturdiness and durability.


And to take it even one step further, Smartstuff also softened the edges and corners for you!

As you can see, safety is definitely a priority, and is heavily emphasized throughout the collection. I would be comfortable saying each piece will be able to withstand even the most energetic one of the bunch (we all know who that is). 😉

Besides, each piece possesses such a trendy, timeless vibe that adds a fresh look to the bedroom:


Swing by our store to see even more youth pieces from the Smartstuff collection! And remember to share the love with your friends. <3


Youth Furniture: Smartstuff Collection

by Star Furniture on September 7, 2016

Last month we covered the exquisitely sophisticated look of the Bernhardt Soho Luxe collection, however, today we are changing gears to discuss matters related to the little ones! And by little ones, I mean your children’s bedroom decor. 🙂

As the saying goes, home really is where the heart is (as corny as it sounds ;P), so it’s important to create a comfortable space where your child can live and grow to their fullest potential.

Since the bedroom is their sacred haven, some serious thought plays into deciding which furniture should fill this space.

Lucky for you (wink wink), our new, youth-centric Smartstuff collection by Universal Furniture goes above and beyond to help you create the optimal environment, with a fresh modern style to go along with it. ;P

The collection as a whole is just so incredibly innovative, it’s unbelievable. This is exactly what I envisioned furniture of the future to be like. It’s completely streamlined, with impressive features that make each piece functional to the max.

Let me just start by introducing one of their pieces that’s fully designed to provide maximum efficiency right off the bat – the smartCrib.

At first glance, the beautiful crib looks like most, although aesthetically maintains a clean, contemporary style. For example, the Smartstuff #myRoom Crib’s stained elm veneers framed in a painted parchment-color finish accentuate this simple, neat look:


At second glance, your perception of this piece transforms entirely, much like the piece itself.

As you can see, this is no ordinary crib.

The smartCrib has the ability to convert into several types of beds, from a toddler bed to a full size bed. The crib literally grows with your child! How neat is that?

When the time comes to ship Junior off to college, you can technically say he’s been sleeping in his crib for the past 18 years. ;P

Believe it or not, this example doesn’t even cover half of it!

Some more ingenious features added for your tech-savvy kid’s convenience include built-in charging stations:


Plus, hidden storage with a flip down front for a DVD or video console:


A built-in light for studying in bed:


And more hidden storage, which I just can’t get enough of. 🙂




The list goes on.

There are so many cool features included throughout the collection, I wish a version of these youth pieces existed for adults!

Seriously though, you can really see these babies in action when you come by our showroom. The Smartstuff pieces from this collection can create the sort of space you’ve always envisioned for your children, with all the added bonus features. 🙂

Stay tuned for our next post, where I’ll discuss other important things to consider for Junior’s bedroom decor! Also, don’t forget to share with your friends!


The Bernhardt Soho Luxe Home Collection – Part 2

by Star Furniture on August 17, 2016

After introducing the exquisite Bernhardt Furniture Soho Luxe Collection in our last post, we felt the need to dedicate a secondary post that takes a deeper look into some of the new collection’s unique and exciting pieces. 🙂

For starters, each and every piece within the Soho Luxe Collection is the result of meticulous craftsmanship. As you learned in our last blog post, it’s an unparalleled collection 😉 – with a combination of stylistic elements that make it both eclectic and perfectly gorgeous. Additionally, the materials used to produce Soho give it a distinctive, classic contemporary touch.

It’s really a whole experience seeing the collection in person, especially as all the pieces link together through a an array of elements to establish a new traditional and transitional style.

For example, this first piece is absolutely stunning:

1_081616_SohoLuxe_Blog (1)

The Soho Luxe Upholstered Bed features a rare combination of upholstery panels and side rails with a wood-framed headboard and footboard. Classic shapes and geometric design also play into the structure of this lovely bed, a repeated element that we’ll see throughout the collection.

It’s straight edge frame and square form definitely know how to make a statement. These elements impart a sense of balance and harmony, which are instilled, once again, across the decorative nailhead trim and Greek-key patterns on the upholstery panels.

Similarly, the Soho Luxe Courtney Sofa takes full advantage of this beautiful nailhead studded trim design. 🙂 It even runs along the back of the sofa, which makes it a wonderful addition to an open space!

2_081616_SohoLuxe_Blog (1)

The Soho Luxe Metal Chair’s oversized, bright stainless steel design is also inspired by this prominent Greek-key pattern, a historically influential architectural symbol representing balance and unity.

3_081616_SohoLuxe_Blog (1)

The chair as a whole emanates such unity, through the precision and placement of the Greek key details coming together with the plush, neutral-toned cushions. This Soho Luxe Metal Chair is truly an artistic creation all on it’s own. 🙂

Now, these next few pieces are equally as striking, but exhibit stylistic influences from completely different eras!
A bit of an unexpected twist, wouldn’t you agree? ;P

For example, the Soho Luxe Three-Tiered Tall Chest [link] displays a bold, geometrical structure that resembles industrial era architecture, such as the Empire State Building, whose style is characterized by its congruous shapes, symmetry, and rectilinear forms.

4_081616_SohoLuxe_Blog (1)

At the same time, Asian influences appear to originate from it’s solid stainless steel base and drawers stacked in groups, reserving the classic simplicity and solid effect of the style. You can see this same base used in the Soho Luxe Bachelors Chest:

5_081616_SohoLuxe_Blog (1)

Additionally, the bright silver pulls of the Bachelors Chest drawers are unique in shape and create eye-catching accents to this glamorous collection. The same sophistication and brightness is evident in the custom knobs and hardware found throughout the Soho collection, whose combination of acrylic and metal uniquely accessorize the furniture like a piece of fine jewelry. 🙂


Last but not least, another unique combination that’s just amazing is the Soho Luxe 5-Piece Round Dining Group:

6_081616_SohoLuxe_Blog (1)

This dining group includes a round, polished wooden table surrounded by upholstered chairs, whose fluid outline flows together with the grainy, fluid texture of the wood. Such a texture comes from the gorgeous white ash burl fancy face veneer design evident across the collection, which is created from an inlay of smaller, decorative wooden squares.These elements and textures create movement between pieces, and connect them with one another to create a single elegantly refined ensemble.

I could honestly go on and on about this collection! Now that you’re a little bit more informed about most pieces of the Bernhardt Soho Luxe collection, you should definitely take the time to swing by the store! Seeing it in person is a must, because words just don’t do it any justice. 🙂

Can’t wait to share more with you on our next post! Once again, don’t forget to pass this piece along and share with your friends! <3


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