The Best Sleeper Sofas for Small Spaces

by Jane K on January 15, 2020

Whether you’re working with a home office guest bedroom combo or want to have extra sleeping space for guests in your living room, a comfortable sleeper sofa can make all the difference when entertaining houseguests. Here are some of the best sleeper sofas for small spaces available at Star Furniture & Mattress.

Trisha Yearwood Atlanta Sleeper Sofa

Small White Sleeper Sofa

Who says you have to sacrifice style when choosing a sleeper sofa? This stylish sleeper sofa from the Trisha Yearwood Atlanta collection is as fashionable as it is comfortable. Fans of casual furniture will love the skinny, tapered arms and the throw pillows, which add a pop of color and texture.

Albany Queen Sleeper Sofa

Tan Sleeper Sofa

Looking for the best sleeper sofas under $1000? Look no further than the Albany sleeper sofa, which is available in both truffle and pewter. By day, this three-seat sofa features stylish flared arms and plush seat cushions. By night, your guests will enjoy a queen-sized innerspring pullout mattress. You’ll love the included toss pillows and the elegant chenille fabric exterior.

Omni Queen Sleeper Sofa

Brown Sleeper Sofa

Not only is the Omni one of the best sleeper sofas for small spaces, but it also comes in five distinct colors, including brown, blue, straw, meadow, and charcoal. In addition to the 5-inch queen-sized innerspring mattress, this pullout couch also comes with four throw pillows and one kidney pillow in contrasting patterns.

Monroe Sleeper Sofa

Small Blue Seeper Sofa

Working with a particularly small guest room, home office, or living room? The Monroe sleeper sofa offers a variety of sizes, including three-seat sofas, two-seat sofas, and loveseats. In addition to choosing from two available colors—wheat and grey—you can also choose a queen-sized or full-sized innerspring or air mattress. With all the options available, you can find exactly what you’re looking for!

Looking for the perfect sofa? We can help. Visit a Star Furniture store near you to browse the largest sofa selection in Texas. In the meantime, check out our furniture blog, where we offer helpful resources like how to choose the perfect sofa and the best sectional sofas in every price range

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For many, the new year is a time of change and home improvement. If you’re thinking of redecorating your home in the new year, you won’t want to miss out on this list of some of our favorite home décor trends for 2020. Not only will incorporating these decorating trends transform your home, but they can be paired with any design style all the way from modern to traditional to create a home that showcases your unique personality, style, and sensibility. Take a closer look at these decorating trends for 2020.

Decorating Trends for 2020: Black Furniture

Black is back! While many used to shy away from using black in home décor because of a fear that it would make the room look smaller, more and more people are embracing black furniture in every room of the house. From black leather sofas and accent furniture to black coffee tables and upholstered beds, you can embrace this new interior design trend in a number of ways. To get started, try choosing black statement furniture in your living room, dining room, or bedroom. If you want to keep your space feeling spacious and open, we recommend contrasting your black furniture with white or light furniture, walls, and decor.

Black Furniture Inspiration

Thinking about taking advantage of the black furniture decorating trend in the new year? Here are some pieces currently for sale at Star Furniture.

Black Bookcase With Hidden Storage

Morgan Tall Bookcase (Pictured Above)

Aries 5-Piece Dining Set

Ramon Table Lamp

Inspire Black Leather Sofa

Decorating Trends for 2020: Mixed Metals

You may remember this interior design trend from last year’s list, but the mixed metals trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it continues to evolve and thrive as we go into 2020. Mixing metals in decorating can work a couple different ways. You might find an accent piece like a coffee table or lamp with multiple types of metal accents (i.e. silver with gold, brass with stainless steel), or you might curate furniture with different types of metals throughout the whole room. If you’re worried about your different metals clashing, follow these tips for mixing metals in decorating, which we compiled from the interior design experts at Star Furniture: choose a dominant metal, balance warm- and cool-hued metals, and match your finishes.

Mixed Metals in Decorating Inspiration

Whether you’re looking for individual pieces that mix metals or for home décor with metal accents to mix and match, these home décor ideas could be what takes your home to the next level of style and sophistication.

Modern Gold Coffee Table

Midas Coffee Table (Pictured Above)

Knox Drink Table

Nash Table Lamp

Decorating Trends for 2020: Formal Dining Rooms

Many people consider the idea of the formal dining room dead. But even as open floor plans continue to thrive, some are starting to ask: are formal dining rooms coming back? The short answer is yes! In 2020, we expect to see a revival of the formal dining room concept. But while formal dining rooms are returning to the mainstream, that doesn’t necessarily mean the return of a stuffy, traditionally decorated room that’s only used on special occasions. The 2020 iteration of a formal dining room will include some of the staples of dining rooms past, including large dining room tables and china cabinets, but with more contemporary flair like bar carts and mix and match dining chairs. Function is key, and more people are looking for a designated space to gather with their children, do homework, play games, entertain guests, and eat together as a family.

Formal Dining Room Inspiration

Looking to create your own formal dining room? You’re in luck. Star Furniture features a wide-range of formal dining room furniture, including dining sets, china cabinets, bar cabinets, and more so you can take advantage of this new trend in home décor.

Wood Dining Table With Upholstered Chairs

Art of Dining 5-Piece Rectangular Dining Set (Pictured Above)

Treble China Cabinet

Ellington Bar Cabinet

Decorating Trends for 2020: Maximalism

Minimalism has been huge for years, and while it’s still a wildly popular design style, that seems to be starting to shift. In 2020, we expect to see a growth in maximalism in design, which strays away from the simple and straightforward to the luxurious and grandiose. Whereas minimalism seems to achieve a universal, streamlined look, maximalism is all about individualism and personality. There’s room for an array of bold colors, large art groupings, overflowing bookshelves, and luxurious fabrics, including velvet, one of the decorating trends of 2020. Maximalism in design favors individuality over constraint, so rather than focusing on over matching furniture and creating tight color schemes, you can really show your unique style and ditch the pressure for perfection.

Maximalism Design Inspiration

Ready to say goodbye to minimalism and hello to maximalism? These best-selling pieces from Star Furniture can help you start incorporating this exciting home décor trend.

Traditional Upholstered Bed With Tufts

Chatelet Upholstered Platform Bed (Pictured Above)

Alanya Etagere Shelves

Rasnida Framed Prints

Decorating Trends for 2020: Geometric Lighting

Geometric furniture was one of our top interior design trends of 2019, and while this trend isn’t going away in 2020, we wanted to focus on one specific aspect: geometric lighting. Whether you’re lighting your room with floor lamps, desk lamps, or pendant lighting, there are plenty of opportunities to choose lighting featuring geometric shapes and patterns. From a ceramic desk lamp with a geometric pattern to pendant lighting fixtures welded into geometric shapes, you can curate your own style while taking advantage of this popular decorating trend. The best part? Geometric furniture and lighting can work great with any interior design style, so if you like this trend, you can easily find a way to incorporate it into the home décor style of your choosing.

Geometric Lighting Inspiration

Looking for some geometric lighting inspiration for your living room, dining room, kitchen, home office, or bedroom? Look no further than these stylish lamps for sale at Star Furniture.

Geometric Floor Lamp

Maiken Floor Lamp (Pictured Above)

Teneth Table Lamp

Amelia Table Lamp

Hugo Table Lamp

Decorating Trends for 2020: The Home Office

Telecommuting is on the rise throughout the country. In fact, as of 2018, 3.9 million Americans worked from home at least half the week. And as more people decide to work from home, there’s an increasing demand for a dedicated home office space. That’s why having a designated home office is one of the biggest interior design trends for 2020. If you’re thinking about designing a home office in the new year, we recommend thinking about function. You don’t necessarily need an executive desk, for example, if you’re mostly just using a laptop on your work from home days. If you’re short on space, check out our small bedroom office combo ideas, which can create a space you can use for work and for entertaining houseguests.

Home Office Inspiration

Need help designing your home office? The interior design experts at Star Furniture can help. These pieces will serve as all the home office inspiration you need to succeed!

Crosby Corner Writing Desk

Crosby Corner, Writing, and Computer Desk (Pictured Above)

Magnolia Manor Writing Desk

Tynecastle Executive Desk

Bedford Park Bookcase

Decorating Trends for 2020: Velvet Furniture

Velvet furniture is another decorating trend carried over from last year’s list, but with its growing popularity, it didn’t seem right to leave it off the list for 2020. It’s easy to see the appeal, as velvet upholstery combines comfort, style, and luxury, making it an easy way to take your room to the next level. Plus, velvet technology has come a long way since its inception. In addition to being easier to care for and clean than ever before, you can find a new and exciting range of color palettes in velvet furniture design. From velvet sofas and accent chairs to velvet headboards and dining chairs, there are plenty of ways to incorporate velvet into your home décor in 2020.

Velvet Furniture Decorating Inspiration

Whether you want to start big with a velvet sectional or small with a velvet area rug, we’ve got all the inspiration you need to implement one of this year’s hottest home décor trends.

Blue Velvet Accent Chair

Jewel Swivel Chair (Pictured Above)

Pia 3-Piece Velvet Sectional

Velvet Area Rug

Marlene Side Chair

Decorating Trends for 2020: Storage Furniture

As technology advances and interior design evolves, we continue to see an increase in storage furniture. Whether it’s beds that feature built-in drawers, cocktail ottomans with hidden storage, or beautifully designed bar carts, armoires, and buffet servers, storage furniture serves multiple purposes. Not only does it provide the storage you need to keep a clutter-free home, it can also be stylish in addition to functional. Plus, storage furniture can save you space, especially when a specific furniture piece is serving two distinct functions, like a bedroom bench with a top that lifts for extra storage.

Storage Furniture Inspiration

Furnishing a small living room, bedroom, or dining room? Storage furniture can help you save space without sacrificing style. These pieces can help you get started.

Wooden Bed With Built-In Drawers

Oxford Storage Bed (Pictured Above)

Albany Storage Ottoman

Joan Bar Cabinet

Decorating Trends for 2020: Biophilic Design Elements

You might be asking: what is biophilic design? But even if you don’t know it by its name, you’ve likely seen this decorating trend in action. Biophilia means a love of nature, and the goal of biophilic design is to incorporate both human design and natural elements in a way that doesn’t seem manufactured. Some of the characteristics of this interior design style include natural light, vegetation, natural materials, natural colors, and natural shapes. In biophilic design, for example, you might see recycled and natural wood furniture, a color palette that favors earth tones, naturally occurring geometric patterns and floral designs, and an array of houseplants, nature paintings, and large windows used as the focal point in the room.

Biophilic Design Inspiration

Want to incorporate more nature into your home? This biophilic design inspiration will give you a starting off point when decorating your home.

Framed Nature Prints

Tanglewood Framed Prints Set of 4 (Pictured Above)

Arboles Round Glass Top Root Coffee Table

Averill Table Lamp

Decorating Trends for 2020: Cozy Beds

Looking to update your bedroom in the new year? You might want to consider a cozy bed. If you’re wondering how to make your bed cozy, you can start with the furniture itself. Consider choosing a bed with an upholstered headboard, which softens the room, adds cushioned support, and adds an air of luxury to your bedroom. You can even combine trends by choosing a velvet upholstered headboard. Another way to prioritize coziness is by choosing a canopy bed, which can immediately make the room feel snug and enveloping. Coziness can also come from your bedsheets, accent pillows, comforters, and general bedroom décor. Since no bed is complete without a high-quality mattress, make 2020 the year you upgrade to a newer model. You can even check out mattress buying guide for all the tips you need to choose a bed that’s perfect for you.

Cozy Bed Inspiration

We can’t promise that a cozier bed will make you sleep better, but it certainly won’t hurt! Check out this cozy bed inspiration and transform your bedroom today.

Poster Bed With Upholstered Headboard

Rachael Ray Home Highline Four Poster Bed (Pictured Above)

Brandon Upholstered Bed

Malouf Anchor Weighted Blanket Throw

Need help decorating your home with the newest trends? The interior design experts at Star Furniture can help. Check out our interior design blog, where we cover everything from how to decorate your home on a budget to common interior design mistakes and how to avoid them. You can also visit a Star Furniture store near you to check out our huge selection of furniture for every room in the house.

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Hutches, buffet servers, and china cabinets can add much needed dining room storage while also offering a display space for stylish home décor. If you’re looking for dining room decorating ideas, don’t skip this guide on how to decorate a hutch.

Choose a Theme

When it comes to dining room design ideas, our best advice is to start with a theme. While your dining room should reflect a certain interior design style, decorating a dining room hutch calls for a narrower theme to guide the design. Many people decorate their hutches seasonally for this very reason, letting their decorative pieces reflect winter, spring, summer, and fall for the duration of that season.

Pay Attention to Color

Color can be a powerful tool when decorating a hutch, and regardless of how you use it, you’ll want to be sure to make these decisions thoughtfully. Choosing a limited color palette, for example, can seamlessly create a cohesive decorative look. Alternatively, color blocking is an increasingly popular decorative strategy and could be a great option for a more modern dining room design.

Less is More

Because hutches are used both functionally as dining room storage and aesthetically as a display case, it can be easy to go overboard when choosing items to include. Our interior design experts recommend going with a “less is more” approach so that your hutch doesn’t appear to be too busy or cluttered. Having a theme and color constraints is a great way to narrow down your items so they can best reflect your personal style.

Need more dining room inspiration? Check out these dining room decorating ideas and our dining room table guide, where we cover everything you need to consider when choosing a dining table. You can also visit one of our Star Furniture stores, where we have a huge selection of stylish and affordable dining room furniture for sale. Start shopping today!

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Luxury Master Bedroom

Once you reach adulthood, you can no longer get away with a bedroom that consists entirely of a mattress thrown on the ground and laundry baskets full of clothes. These luxury bedroom must-haves will take your master bedroom to the next level.

Luxury Bedroom Essentials: A Floor Length Mirror

While a floor length mirror might not seem like the peak of luxury, it serves a functional and decorative purpose, making it number one on our list of what every master bedroom needs. Not only will it prevent you from leaving the house with two unmatching shoes or a tag on the back of your pants, but it can also add depth to the room, making it feel larger. Plus, if you hang it in the right spot, you can amplify the natural light from your windows, which can boost your mood and help you wake up in the morning.

Luxury Bedroom Essentials: Bedroom Seating

From bedroom benches to fun accent chairs, furnishing your room with bedroom seating can be a great way to make your bedroom feel a little more luxurious. Not only does it give you some space to comfortably put on your shoes or enjoy your morning coffee, but you can also use it as a space to indulge in your favorite hobbies, like reading, knitting, or catching up on your favorite television show. Whether you use your seating for practical matters like laying out tomorrow’s clothing or for creating a cozy reading nook, having the extra bedroom seating will be certain to add an element of luxury to your room.

Luxury Bedroom Essentials: A Stylish Headboard

Putting your mattress on the floor might have worked in college but having a proper bed frame and headboard can immediately up the style and sophistication of your bedroom. Before you buy, consider popular interior design trends like upholstered headboards, which can add softness and texture to your bedroom. Regardless of what style headboard you choose, having your mattress off the floor has the added benefit of keeping it away from any creepy crawlies that might be on the ground. Need help choosing? Check out our official guide to buying a bed.

Luxury Bedroom Essentials: Matching Nightstands

Looking for luxury bedroom ideas? Keep it simple with matching nightstands. While this may seem like something on every basic bedroom furniture list, matching nightstands can balance out the room and provide the convenience you crave. Try adding complementary lamps to each nightstand, and make sure to measure before buying. Different bed heights require different nightstands.

Looking to furnish your master bedroom? Star Furniture & Mattress has everything you need to create the stylish, functional bedroom of your dreams. Stop by a Star Furniture store near you to browse our extensive collection of bedroom furniture today!

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