Recreating HouseBeautiful Offices

by starfurniture on September 21, 2011

The home office used to be a catch-all for unsightly equipment, never-unpacked boxes and mail that was too boring to open. Maybe it’s because computers are getting prettier, or maybe people just got tired of looking at the eyesore of cheap furniture and unsorted envelopes — but home offices are getting as much TLC as living rooms these days.

Here we show you how to recreate a couple of serene home offices from HouseBeautiful, using easy-to-find furniture from your friendly neighborhood showroom.

Especially in a room with lots of natural light, a glass-top desk makes the room appear brighter and more spacious than a bulky wood-top desk ever could. And we have just the desk for the job: the Thomasville Studio 455, below.

This next room is modern, industrious and cozy enough for a book and a cup of tea.

For a similar size and look for the shared table above, the Kinston Writing Desk is a winner.

If your favorite feature of the table is the X leg, or if modern isn’t your style, try the Thomasville Wanderlust Desk — the hutch is removable!

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