Furniture Layouts to Make You More Talkative

by starfurniture on October 7, 2011

From our own interior designer Lucia Gentry, here’s a tip to send you all into the weekend:

“When arranging your seating area, place furniture close enough for conversation. If the area is large, make additional seating areas. Use area rugs to anchor and define the space.”

To illustrate Lucia’s point, here’s a real-life Before & After from one of our other designers, Susan McDermott:

BEFORE: “Can you hear me over there?”

Before: This furniture arrangement was hardly conducive to conversation. Set far apart, the seats were awkward and isolated. It made the whole room feel cavernous.

AFTER: The new flow makes for much easier entertaining.

After: Pulled away from the walls, the seats face each other and allow for comfortable conversation. The rug defines the “conversation area.” Beyond that area, there’s room in the back for a quiet space with writing desk and chair. This is now a multi-function room.

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