Reinventing the Room

by starfurniture on October 12, 2011

This collection has had us swooning for the last month. “Reinventions” from Thomasville is not only very very pretty – it’s full of surprises! Tables transform to twice their size, tractor seats show up out of nowhere, TV stations become dressers… This furniture is actually fun.

The design is borrowed from early 1900s styles, repurposed in multi-function splendor for homes of the 21st century. Every item is classic and inventive, and uncannily brings a put-together feel to the space around it.

It’s polished, it’s industrial, it’s rustic, it’s charming, contemporary, elegant, hardy. It’s an “everything” collection that will outlive coming and going trends.

A few highlights:

The Apprentice Adjustable Activity Table:

So adaptable: From coffee table…

…to card table, ten inches higher.

A coffee table by morning and game table by night… The Apprentice table can be 20” or 30” high depending on your activities. (The height transformation is particularly great for keeping laptops and sandwiches out of the dog’s reach.) Cast iron steel frame and solid wood tabletop stand up to the stresses of everyday use. One of four adjustable-size occasional tables in the collection!

Reliance Pharmacy:

The hutch for all occasions.

Multi-purpose, anything-goes furniture is a must-have these days. The Reliance Pharmacy will be the greatest china hutch, mini bar, catch-all cabinet, washroom storage or fill-in-the-blank you’ve ever had.

Foreman’s Media Hutch:

The fuss-free Foreman’s Media Hutch.

For anyone who’s over those big clunky entertainment centers, there’s this fashionable, forward-thinking hutch. Mount the flat screen above the chest with included cast-iron steel mounts. It’s one of the most stylish and least invasive perches your television can have. The hutch is removable, leaving just the chest with thirteen drawers in varied sizes.

Other Treasures:
You can take a look at all the pieces… just remember that “what you see is what you get” applies to very few items in this collection. Almost every piece has a secret function to share!

Wolf Creek Stools with adjustable-width Boulton & Watt Sofa Table.

The Pulley Side Table, with glass top and adjustable-height base.

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