Neutral Territory

by Star Furniture on October 28, 2011

Neutral color schemes are always in, and when done right, they’re quite refreshing. When varying shades and textures are layered together, neutrals look downright colorful! And they’re a sort of revolving door for decor; a fuss-free backdrop for ever-changing moods and color schemes.

Check out this neutral + orange sitting room by interior designer Mary Strong.

Cocktail Table: Wailea
Drum Table: Wailea
Chair: Custom design from Sam Moore.
Hand Tufted Wool Rug: In stores only.
Sweet doggy: He’s a one-of-a-kind, sorry!

Serene Symmetry

Marble top console, pair of lamps and lotus leaf triptych: In stores only.

Here’s another room Mary put together. The neutrals keep it calm, and strong contrast between the darkest and lightest tones prevents it from looking washed out. With bold lines on the chair backs and wall art, soft shapes in the rug, and light pattern in the drapery, this room has enough textural variety to stay interesting.

A Ladies’ Club Room.

Ottoman: Custom design from Sam Moore.
Chairs: These are also custom. The fabric is called Harvard Linen.
Hand tufted botanical wool rug and art deco leaves: In stores only.

Do you have a beige or brown room that needs some zing? Incorporate more shades of your neutral, and use patterns for texture. It’ll take your space from blasé to brilliant!

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