Consider the Ottoman

by starfurniture on November 2, 2011

Recliners are a touchy subject for many households. Design-oriented folks say recliners look bloated and sloppy (not to mention those spring-loaded sound effects). The comfort-oriented say any other chair is a literal pain to spend an evening in. Nobody wins.

There is no excuse for this.

Enter the great mediator: the matching ottoman. Comfort-minded sitters can let loose in full repose, while design-centric sitters are spared the eyesore of a shapeless seat.

Roomy seat, a prop for your feet, tasteful design. What more could you want?

Buy a pretty chair, and buy the matching ottoman. It’s the pitch-perfect purchase that’ll bring harmony, nap-inducing comfort and enviable decor into your home all at once.

For those of you who don’t understand why a puffy recliner will never be on the cover of a shelter magazine, think of it like this: An oversized recliner is like a defensive lineman among tennis players. It just sticks out like a big, mean, swollen thumb.

And unlike other reclining furniture, the ottoman is a pretty hard worker. It adjusts for the height of any sitter, it easily moves out of the vacuum cleaner’s path, and most of all, it doubles as a table in a pinch or an extra seat at a crowded cocktail party. Everybody wins!

Husbands and wives will be equally thrilled with a combination like this.

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