How to Arrange and Hang a Group of Pictures

by starfurniture on December 1, 2011

Hanging up a group of pictures is simple in theory, but it’s a vexing task for many a homeowner. Doing it successfully requires some patience and planning.

Could you do this in one try?

Our designer, Mary Strong, has one easy way to make sure everything goes up on the wall in perfect order, on the first try.

First, establish what kind of an arrangement you want: symmetrical or asymmetrical. The pictures you see here were composed specifically for the odd shape made by the lamp, the desktop statue and the plant. It took a bit more planning than arranging them on a plane, but the result is an eye-catching, tailored look.

Here’s Mary’s trick to doing this well: Arrange all the frames on the floor before you hang anything on the wall. Measure the size of your wall space, and mark the dimensions off on your floor with tape or paper. Then shuffle your frames around on the floor until you’ve got exactly what you want.

This arrangement came together on the floor before a single nail went into the wall.

Now measure the frames and the space in between them. Take the measuring tape to the wall and mark off where the corners of each frame should go. Start hanging, one picture at a time. Voilà!

By the way, we can’t help but point this out: Notice Mary went with the “like but different” approach to selecting frames. They vary in color, but the weight and width of each frame is similar to all the others. The metal tones of the frames and the black and white photography give the space a relaxed, vintage look.

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