Holiday-Up the House (Without buying anything new)

by starfurniture on December 15, 2011

Your Christmas (and/or Hanukkah, and/or other holiday) decorations are probably already in place, but if you have room, here are some decor ideas that can be used anywhere. Most are also wonderful for centerpieces or that little extra spark for a party.

The main rule is: Decorate using items you already have. You’re already buying stacks of gifts and enough food to satisfy even the hungriest in your clan. Decorating with everyday items from your home saves you two of the most valuable commodities: cold hard cash and storage space.

Red teacups and gold-wrapped bonbons festive-up a buffet.

Don’t limit your china to fancy dinners. With the right colors or theme, tableware makes an inviting decoration for dining tables, counters and credenzas.

Not only is the tree skirt a throw, but that ribbon is from the giftwrap supply stash.

Depending on the size of your tree, use a scarf or a pretty throw for a tree skirt.

Just as long as you don’t mind giving up your sherry glasses for eight nights.

For a brilliant makeshift menorah, fill stemware with glass beads or tiny stones, and put a dripless candle inside each one.

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A vignette like this can be a permanent mantle display, or just used as a centerpiece when you need it. Garden flora inside regular drinking glasses, placed with silver candlesticks and a silver frame (we like the birds in the frame, but we’d replace them with something more festive).

This arrangement can do no wrong. Image from

This is about as classic as it gets: fresh rosemary, bound up in a pretty bow. Attach these little arrangements to stockings, hang some on the wall, use in lieu of a door wreath, or put them next to name cards at a dinner party.

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Raid your closet for scarves and wraps that can be put on display. This humble arrangement adds instant coziness to the room.

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