Animal Prints: Less is More

by Star Furniture on January 30, 2012

No safari required, animal print has been a longtime fashion staple. With its spectrum of colors and patterns, it has a knack for bringing out the best in a wide variety of home styles.

Of course, too many spots and stripes is a fashion faux pas – but one or two streaks of wildlife will blend seamlessly into the environment around them.

Subtlety is the heart of decorating with animal fabrics. In nature, animal print is camouflage; it is not meant to call attention to itself. The same should be true outside the animal kingdom!

With a jaguar print sofa, no other wildlife accessories are required.

Use moderation. If you’re an animal print newbie, it’s safest to confine animal fabrics to one or two accessories.

If you prefer bold statements, choose prints in a bigger size. If you like a simpler look, pick tiny prints. Guests won’t even notice there’s animal print in the room until they’re standing up next to it. The tininess of the blue leopard print on this window shade downplays the “wild thing” look of bigger print.

That’s tiny blue leopard print on the Roman shade.

Remember that Mother Nature’s colors don’t have to apply to your living room. For the zebra rug below, whites and black were swapped for a more soothing duo of sand and café.

Zebra rug in cafe and sand keeps the room on an even keel.

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