Seeing Blinds in a New Light

by Star Furniture on February 17, 2012

Wood blinds may not be a glamorous topic, but they’re a valuable addition to your home, and we love ’em! Here’s why: Every slat in a set of blinds is its own little energy-efficient shield against heat and cold; wood blinds add resell value to your home*; and of course, they’re more durable than most plastic and papery options out there. Plus, they’re the easiest possible way to control your light and privacy.

*Did you know? In many cases, shutters can be financed on a new home because they’re considered part of the home.

A good set of wood blinds ups your home’s resell value. Room by Paul Corrie.

Much like a fine rug, wood shutters are an unmatched investment when manufactured by hand and custom fitted for your windows.

With wood blinds and shutters, there’s no hassle over matching them to your décor. They camouflage with all styles, traditional to contemporary, casual to opulent.

Airy shutters instead of blinds.

White is probably the most popular color choice right now, but all tones of wood and custom paint mixes make it easy to get whatever you want. Just make sure the color of your blinds doesn’t clash with the color of your moulding. (We’re pros at custom paint colors. Just saying.)

These blinds feature a custom white that matches the crown moulding.

For a smaller price tag, we also recommend faux wood shutters. These are usually made from extruded resin, and they too are energy-efficient. Compared to wood, resin is a little more likely to warp or have its paint chip off, but it’s still a quality product.

It’s not all whites and off-whites. Wood tones look great on blinds too.

Which do you prefer: blinds, shades, draperies or bare windows?

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