Decorating With Ikat

by starfurniture on March 16, 2012

Interior Designer Lucia Gentry recently turned our attention to ikat. Here’s what she has to say:

Ikat fabrics are turning up in all kinds of unexpected places.

“I am captivated by the beautiful ikat pattern fabrics everywhere I turn. With their slightly blurred appearance, these exotic fabrics made a big splash from designer fashions to our interiors fabrics. The wide range of color palettes and patterns make them a favorite to decorate in any room.”

I spy ikat pillows and ikat drapes.

Traditionally, ikat referred to the dyeing technique used to create patterns on textiles (it’s similar to tie-dye). The technique has been used throughout India, Asia, South and Central America for hundreds of years.

Traditionally dyed ikat textile.

Today, ikat more commonly refers to the blurred-line patterns we’re used to seeing in stores. Many of those fabrics are printed rather than dyed, but beautiful nonetheless.

The uncertain can start out with just a touch of ikat…

…But we recommend being a little more bold.

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