Backyard Setups You’ll Actually Use

by Star Furniture on March 22, 2012

Spring is in the air, and here in Texas it’s patio-lounging weather. There’s a difference between the backyards that are enjoyed on a weekly basis and those that only get used twice a year. Here are a few tips for creating an outdoor space that you can’t get enough of.

Even though we’re talking about the great outdoors, people gravitate toward patio setups that are cozy and more intimate. Honestly, the trick to enjoying the escape of the outdoors is to blend it with the comfort of the indoors.

To make your patio a cozy spot to relax, mimic your favorite indoor rooms. Set up your outdoor furniture as if it were in a living room: Arrange furniture for easy conversation, and center it around a table so there’s a place to set drinks and food.

A well-used backyard setup, by designer Susan McDermott.

Think about how you use your outdoor space and include decor items that will make it even more functional for you. A rug will protect bare feet from hot concrete, lamps will let you dine and read after sunset, accent pillows bring in color and softness, an umbrella will shelter you from sun and sprinkles, and a fan will keep you cool on hot afternoons. (Just make sure you get outdoor-safe items that resist mildew and rust.)

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On nice days, don’t be afraid to bring things out from inside: a tablecloth, the good dishes, candles, a quilt for a breezy day, whatever makes your outside space feel more like home.

Nothing fancy, but very cozy and functional. By Victoria Hagan.

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