Mirrors in Home Design*

by Star Furniture on April 27, 2012

A design tip from our very own interior designer, Karen Fletcher:

“A mirror is a great accessory that works almost anywhere. It can double the volume of other accessories placed in front if it and increase the depth of a space.

“A mirror can also increase the amount of light in a room.

“Be careful of its placement due to its reflective quality. One area to generally avoid placing a mirror is over a fireplace if there is a ceiling fan close by.”

Use a mirror to brighten up the darkest portion of a room.

Mirrors double the volume of accessories. By Jennifer Ferreira.

Strategically placed to reflect lamplight and brighten the room at night. By Mary Strong.

This mirror is absolutely stunning as a headboard, and really amps up the light in the room. Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

Save yourself some trouble and lean your mirror for a breezy architectural look.

The cardinal rule of hanging a mirror is that is must reflect something pretty. This one reflects windows and a pendant lamp.

A ceiling fan wouldn’t do in front of this mirror, but a glitzy hanging lamp works beautifully.

*We just couldn’t bear to make a reflection pun or a Snow White reference.

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