Fun Furniture: A Century of Style

by Star Furniture on May 15, 2012

Current day living room, designed by Joyceanne Bowman.

You may have found yourselves wondering how we know so much about furniture, like what makes a good rug and how to plan a patio setup you’ll actually use and how grandfather’s clocks got their name.

We know all these things because we’ve been learning for the past 100 years ­– at least, there were furniture makers and interior designers and repair experts before us who passed their know-how on to us.

Just for fun and in honor of our centennial year, we thought we’d take a look back at the last century of furniture styles and interior decorating. It’s been hit and miss, for sure. From fun to funky, from jaw-dropping to heart-stopping, here they are: Furniture beauties of yesteryear.

1990s. Our Vice Chairman, Mrs. T, shows off the must-have accessories of 1993. The only thing here that stood the test of time is her outfit.

1980s. For hair, clothing, graphic design and furniture, the ’80s were tumultuous years. Here are two very different ’80s living rooms.

1970s. The wallpaper in this picture is even more ’70s than the vinyl and metal chairs. (We’re willing to bet it was orange and avocado!)

1960s. Avocado green makes an early debut in this October 1962 picture in House Beautiful magazine.

All-white kitchens, glass cabinet doors and islands are in style right now, but the picture below is actually from the October 1961 issue of House Beautiful.

1950s. The American Home magazine touts this cutting-edge room with the description,  “Here’s all the warmth and charm of the early American kitchen combined with down-to-earth modern utility of colorful Formica sink and counter tops.”

And this cover shot must have helped inspire the floral sofas of the ’80s.

1940s. World War II was on everybody’s minds, and advertising took a unique turn.

Two very different bedrooms advertised during the ’40s.

1920s. Interior design is nothing new! Here is a photo from Mary Northend’s book, “The Art of Home Decorating,” 1921:

1910s. Mary Joseph Quinn’s book “Planning and Furnishing the Home,” published 1914, depicts antique replicas and “modern” mission furnishings:

Of course, these are just a sampling of past styles. Just like you’ll find lots of different styles in furniture stores today, there were lots of different styles in any given era of the past.

To find even more fun images from home décor of yore, check out this helpful website.

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