Five Reasons We Love SmartStuff Bedrooms

by Star Furniture on May 22, 2012

SmartStuff Gabriella Room

The most recent addition to the list of Furniture We Can’t Get Enough Of: SmartStuff by Universal. It’s kid’s furniture, but it has so many cool features, we can’t help but want it for ourselves. There are floating nightstands, secret compartments, nightlights hidden in the bedposts – even exercise guides! But first, the basics:

Classics bed with underbed storage

1. Variety
There are three groups in the SmartStuff collection. Classics is your basic, timeless design made for boys and girls. You can get it in brown or white finish. Gabriella is made for the girly-girls, with white finish, florid details and extra pieces just for jewelry storage. RoughHouse is for the rough ‘n tumble kids – you know, the ones who have to jump on the bed because their brother’s laser beams will hit them if they don’t.

Classics panel bed headboard with hideaway snake light

2. Kid-Tough Quality
The quality is exactly what you’d want in the master bedroom of your dreams. Like a hand crafted, multi-step finish. Several layers of heat-, moisture- and knick-resistant finish are hand applied in every crevice of every piece of SmartStuff. This is cool because a.) it’ll last longer, b.) it looks more expensive and c.) it’s rare to find that kind of finish quality on any other youth furniture, anywhere.

RoughHouse bunk bed – See the little nightstand by the top bunk?

SmartStuff nightstands, making life easier since 2012

3. Practical Surprises
Every nightstand has a flip-top charging station, a glowing nightlight and soft-edge coasters that remind kids to “respect the wood.” Bunk beds include a removable “nightstand in the sky” for the top bunker, and a star chart for the bottom bunker. A couple of the beds have an LED snake light that hides in the headboard. All beds are available with a variety of storage drawer and trundle options.

SmartStuff Classics bed in white finish with trundle storage

4. Just-For-Fun Surprises
A secret compartment or two is included in every dresser, along with a folding board so you your kid can learn to fold clothes neatly. The desks come with world maps and ergonomics guides to teach kids how to reduce fatigue while studying. We don’t even have room to tell you about the exercise guides, pull-out hanging rods, media drawers and other surprises throughout the collection.

Classics dresser and a hidden compartment

5. Safety-First Features
Obviously, all the fun features wouldn’t mean anything if the line wasn’t little-finger safe.[1] So naturally, you’re going to get thoughtful safety features like softened corners, heavy-duty metal bolts, anti-tip hardware and adjustable levelers. Beds feature a slat roll foundation that is stronger than ordinary slats, and all built-in lights are LED, so they never get too hot to touch.

The drawers auto-close, so all you have to do is tap one and it’ll quietly shut itself. Plus, the only way a drawer can come all the way out is if you employ a push & release latch on the underside.

Gabriella jewelry armoire, with mirrored front

Learn more about the individual pieces in the Universal SmartStuff collection over here.

[1] Meets or exceeds BIFMA, ASTM, CPSC, ISTA and California Air Resources Board standards. UL tested and approved. Anti-tip restraint hardware meets voluntary ASTM anti-tip guidelines. Lead-free finishes.

*One more thing, just because it’s exciting: During product testing, SmartStuff drawers were put through 50,000 open/close cycles without showing significant wear. That means your kid can open and close those drawers three times every day for over 45 years before they even begin to fall apart!

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