From Powder Room to Palace

by Star Furniture on June 4, 2012

When it comes to interior design, the powder room is probably the second most overlooked space in the house (the laundry room takes the prize for first). So we were thrilled by interior designer Karen Fletcher‘s great perspective on these little rooms:

“A powder room is a perfect place to be creative and fearless since it is the smallest space in a home and often the least seen. Wallpaper the ceiling in a bold pattern, paint with deeper colors, use oversized art. Let your imagination run wild!”

Bold wallpaper and a fancy light fixture can make a powder room feel like a palace.

Perfection: A painted ceiling and a drape that matches the wallpaper.

As we searched for creative powder rooms, we noticed all the good ones had some things in common: Besides an absence of beige walls, they all had unique light fixtures and mirrors.

Vivid orange walls and an elaborate mirror.

Whoever built your home was probably an ace at architecture, but how do you think his interior design skills were? Chuck the default bathroom mirror and overhead dome light, and invest in items that are more personal and more interesting.

Medieval ironwork and sconces, paired with bright blue tiles and fresh flowers.

Just because an idea seems unusual, doesn’t mean it isn’t a good one. The room above is filled with wall to wall ancestral photos, and looks pretty incredible. Use the powder room to test the waters, to see if you like an idea, a new style or a color combination. Then you can decorate larger rooms with more confidence.

Wallpaper is in! Put it on the ceiling if you want to. Because this powder room is done in such light colors and the wallpaper pattern is open, it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Cinder block walls and exposed pipes are no match for cool design.

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