Making Your Rugs Last

by starfurniture on June 13, 2012

Lucky you, you only have to move the furniture off that rug every couple years. Room by Roger Higgins and Ann Shipp.

There’s something you need to realize about any and all home furnishings. Whether it’s a dresser, a sofa or a drape – you need to care for it. A little dusting, polishing, spot cleaning or cushion-swapping goes a long way toward making your furniture something you’re still going to be proud of in a decade.

So what about rugs, which are made to take the beating of thousands of footsteps? It’s extra important to do routine maintenance on rugs because they have the potential to last for such a long time, especially if they’re hand-knotted. Hopefully you already know how to pick a quality area rug.

Good news is, it’s pretty easy to take care of your rugs!

Try to vacuum once a week.

* Once a Week:  Vacuum – Just avoid the fringes. If possible, lower the suction power on your vacuum so it doesn’t pull too hard at the rug.

* As Needed:  Spot Clean – Don’t give spills a chance to set. Blot them up a.s.a.p. with a damp towel. Use cold water and a little bit of white vinegar. Rug-safe detergents and stain removers are available, but always test them on an unseen part of the rug first.

* Every Couple Months:  The Once-Over – Take a couple minutes to check your rug for frayed edges and new stains, and look under the furniture to make sure moths or carpet beetles haven’t visited. If you find bug damage, your exterminator can easily take care of the problem.

* Every Two Years:  Rotate – Like turning a mattress, rotating a rug will help it wear more evenly, especially for rooms that get a lot of traffic or a lot of sunlight.  As long as you have the rug pulled out from under the furniture, take the opportunity to turn it over and vacuum the back of it.

* Every Few Years:  Professional Cleaning – Rug experts recommend a professional cleaning every few years. How many years just depends on the amount of wear on the rug.

Your rug is an investment. Take the time to get up close and personal to make sure there aren’t any new snags or stains.

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