Incredible Interior Architecture (and how to decorate for it)

by Star Furniture on July 25, 2012

Furniture should never steal the show in a room this gorgeous.

Every once in a while we see a house so beautiful we actually don’t want furniture or a design scheme to be the center of attention. Whether it be through vaulted ceilings, cathedral windows, ballroom walls or great stone fireplaces, if the room itself creates stand-alone beauty – you shouldn’t interfere. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place like this, tone down your decorating and let your house shine.

You’ll notice there are some common threads in these beautiful interiors. For one, they use neutral color schemes.

Neutral tones in the furnishings allow you to focus on the most impressive part of this room: that ceiling.

But not just any neutral. Notice that all these rooms’ hues reflect the colors in the architecture.

Grays in the furnishings reflect grays in the fireplace. A few darker furnishings keep the room from looking cold.

If neutrals simply won’t do, color in the right places can highlight a room’s best qualities.

And many of them feature a large mirror. Mirrors bring even more attention to all the great architectural features of a room.

The right draperies will help direct eyes to a fantastic ceiling.

The architecture in this dining room frames an even better view, and the interior colors actually complement the colors outside.

The bottom line is, your furniture and decor shouldn’t compete with magnificent architecture – they should spotlight it. Simple lines, spare accessories and calm, complementary colors are all you need.

Images, in order of appearance:
Laura Casey Interiors
Think Décor Tumblr
Room by Joyceanne Bowman
Room by Sync Design
The Swarovski House
Room by Star Furniture

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