The Long and Short of Window Treatments

by Star Furniture on August 20, 2012

Just to clear the air, let’s go over some basics: Window treatments are any type of window covering, whether decorative or functional. Generally, they’re pretty and they may help cut your energy costs or block out the sun. Hard window treatments are blinds and shutters. Soft window treatments refer to fabric shades, valances, drapes and curtains.

But drapes and curtains are not the same! As with sofas and couches, the difference between the two words is important to designers. A curtain conjures up images of a limp piece of fabric, picked up from the shelf of some sad home goods store and strung up around a window it may or may not fit properly.

A drape? A drape is a window dressing that looks like it was made for your window, measured to perfection, crafted with fabric you want to wrap yourself up in, and layered with sumptuous lining that shelters the fabric from sun fade and insulates your windows.



Clearly, we prefer drapes over curtains. In our case, custom made drapes. Here are a few reasons why:

Custom draperies last longer. Because of higher quality materials and protective lining, custom draperies (and blinds) last up to twice as long as mass produced treatments.

Homeowners are happier with custom drapes. Custom allows you to get exactly what you want. From the color of the fabric to the finish on the hanging rod, you get control of every detail. Studies estimate that people with custom drapes keep their treatments for an average of seven years. On the other hand, store bought curtains are changed every one or two. Custom is just a better investment.

Color panels in alternating colors.

Windows vary greatly, and only custom drapes can accommodate them. Triangle window? A window two and a half stories high or shaped like an octopus? Any window, anywhere, of any size or shape is covered.

Lining! It may be odd to wax lyrical about drapery lining, but – it’s a big deal! Custom draperies are lined with thick fabric that saves your drapes from sun fade, reduces noise from outside and insulates your windows… Besides, lining gives drapes their shape and just makes them look prettier.

Your room looks bare and silly without them.

The benefits don’t end there. Draperies make ceilings look higher, they add softness and color, they help absorb sounds coming from inside the house and they increase home value.

Draperies by Paul Brown Inc.
Traditional Home
Draperies by Fran Foster
The Sweetest Digs

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southeastinstalls August 23, 2012 at 11:52 pm

Finally someone who “gets it”

There IS a difference between draperies & curtains.

FurniturePolished August 24, 2012 at 10:02 am

There is a huge difference! We’re happy the drapery trend is back on the rise – rooms look so much more complete with proper window treatments.

margomccann July 8, 2013 at 8:09 am

I am looking for some inspiration for the redesign of my home. I think I want a country cottage feel with some printed custom fabric window treatments. Thanks for the ideas!

ramdin December 24, 2013 at 7:58 am

Very Nice Post.
what a great use for such a lovely window curtains and drapes.
Thanks for sharing this.

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