Living Sculptures: Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

by starfurniture on December 13, 2012

The fiddle leaf fig tree is a reigning design element, and you’ll continue to see its popularity rise in the new year. People love its big, broad, brightly colored leaves, and interior designers love its sculptural qualities.

Piano room starring a fiddle leaf fig tree.

To think of fiddle leaf fig trees as mere houseplants is a disservice to them. They are living sculptures. How many other sculptures bring this much dramatic impact AND the simple beauty of nature into a room?

Asymmetrical fiddle leaf fig tree takes center stage.

To maximize the impact of a plant like this, try to use it more creatively than setting it in the corner like some garden variety knick knack. Give your fiddle leaf a chance to shine! Set it in a prominent location, and don’t try to prune its branches into a uniform shape. The sculptural quality of its branches and big leaves is what makes it so appealing.

This one acts like an awning over the sofa.

Unlike a sculpture, however, you do have to keep your fiddle leaf fig plant alive. Lucky for you, this tree is easy-breezy to take care of and only requires low amounts of water.  It does need moderate to bright light, so placing it by a window is a great idea. Click here for a good resource on caring for this particular plant.

No wall art needed: This tree artistically fills the space.

Okay, the tree below is not a fiddle leaf fig, but it is an excellent example of how the shape of the plant was taken into consideration when decorating (i.e., the plant was used as a sculpture). The hangings on the wall are set at an angle that accommodates the leaves, allowing the plant to have an active role in the decor.

Wall art arranged around the tree’s leaves.

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Anna Burke
Peter Dunham
Mary Strong
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