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by Star Furniture on May 7, 2013

Tufting is a major up-and-coming trend in furniture. You can see it in upholstered items as well as leather pieces. Look for it on chair or sofa backs, seats, or both as well as on headboards, chaises and ottomans. The tufted style conveys a sense of vintage class and elegance that can carry across many different decorating styles.

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Tickle me Pink
Plums and pinks are quickly emerging as popular palette choices in furniture.

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Be Bold
Bold colors are definitely on the rise.

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Keep Your Cool
Grays remain a popular neutral for fabric selection, and blues and teals are on the upswing as well.

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Pillow Palace
Pillows are incredibly important and can lend style, color and comfort to nearly any room. But don’t just grab the first pillow that looks nice at the strip mall. Put some serious thought into the quality, texture, color, pattern, size and shape of the pillow before buying. Picture where it will go and how it will fit into your furniture and design plans.

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