Right on Trend Part II

by Star Furniture on May 10, 2013

These days it’s not uncommon to see a chandelier in a bathroom. These ceiling swinging beauties are one of the hottest trends and can completely transform a space. There are a huge variety of chandeliers out there, so be sure to do extensive research before buying your new chandelier.

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Playful Patterns
These days, patterns are plentiful. It’s a blast to experiment with different patterns, but even more fun to combine them to create a cohesive and unique look. You don’t want to have an area that’s too over stimulating or busy; but just intriguing enough to add personality to the space.


Wonderful Wallpaper
The possibilities are endless when it comes to wallpaper. Whether you’re looking for bold, subdued, metallic, textured, monochromatic, geometric, or organic wallpaper, there exists wallpaper for your taste and your space. You could spend a lifetime looking through wallpapers and they are wildly popular.

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The Chevron Pattern
Whether it’s accessories, furniture or fabrics, this trendy pattern has taken over! Did you know that this V shaped pattern was commonly used in military and police uniforms as well as flags and highway signs. It first appeared on pottery and rock carvings as early as 1800 B.C. Check out these uses of this well-loved pattern:

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