Salon by Bernhardt

by starfurniture on June 13, 2013

Art Deco
The Art Deco movement got its start in the 1920s at the French art exposition at Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs. It is a style of design that includes geometric shapes, curves, bands, zig-zags and streamlined forms. And it embodied the rich and luxurious glamor that the culture strove for.


“Influenced by the emerging technology of the machine age, as well as the Cubist art movement, art deco can be found everywhere from skyscrapers to poster art to furniture design.” – PopSugar Home



The word “salon” is based on the French word living room and can be thought of as a gathering place for conversation among intellectuals. The word itself dates back to 1699 and nowadays holds several meanings. It could be an elegant living room, an assembly of notable people at a prominent person’s home, a hall for exhibiting art or another word for ‘business.’

Salon by Bernhardt
This collection of furniture by Bernhardt embodies the extravagant and glitzy era of art deco. Clean lines, geometric forms, and shining materials harkens back to art deco. While the jewelry inspired hardware, eclectic mix of styles and alabaster finishes bring this group into the 21st century.

Attention to Detail
Throughout this fashion-forward collection there are maple veneers in an alabaster stain, inlaid metal borders, silkscreen faux shagreen patterns, silver leafing and natural capiz shells. And all of the pieces work together to create a peaceful harmonic cohesiveness.

If you were to describe this collection with a series of words you could say: elegant, refined, high quality, soothing, chic, eclectic, warm, sophisticated, classic and relaxing. It is an eclectic collection for today’s modern home. And it makes perfect sense that it’s called “salon,” because it is a group that is inviting and conversational. It pulls beautiful elements from the art deco period but with an up-to-date and modern twist.

Take a look at this gorgeous collection, and see it in person at any of Star’s 9 store locations.

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Matthew July 28, 2013 at 11:17 am

amazing piece of art.

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