Art is the Heart of the Home – Part I

by Star Furniture on August 14, 2013


Many homes these days have wide-open spaces, especially here in Texas. Great rooms have taken over and bring with them plenty of white space and the ability to be in one room that serves many purposes.

These grand spaces are a positive thing of course, but they also bring with them common design dilemmas.  Large homes, and large rooms need artwork to fill those empty and lacking spaces.

And while choosing artwork seems like a second-nature task, there are some things that you can consider when looking for those perfect pieces to complete your room.

Scale the Wall

Choosing the right size of art is just as important as choosing the right art! Be sure to measure your space and get a good idea of the kind of space you are working with. You don’t want to overwhelm a smaller room with huge art, or get underwhelming small-scaled art to fill large walls.

Larger art can help you make a bold statement. While smaller art, grouped in an arrangement can bring diversity to a space. You want to find a size and style of art that will visually flow with the rest of the room.


Your Color Palette
If you’re really unsure of what “style” of art you’re going for, you can begin your art search by considering your color palette first. Whether it’s abstract, realistic, modern…does it contain colors that nicely compliment or purposefully contrast your color scheme?


Stay tuned for Art is the Heart of Home Decor – Part II, coming soon! And be sure to visit and check out our Pinterest for design ideas and inspiration.



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