Art is the Heart of Home Decor – Part II

by Star Furniture on August 16, 2013

These tricks and tips can help you when it comes to picking out the perfect artwork for your space. If you’re new to, be sure to check out Art is the Heart of Home Décor part I!

Placement and Arrangement
Where you place your art is incredibly important. You want to use it to bring the focus to a certain area of the room. And if you’re decorating a larger open space, you also have to consider how the placement will jive with the other art that is in that space.

Art is one of those great accessories that you can use to tie in other color schemes or styles that co-exist within your house. If you’re trying to bring in the blues of your kitchen to your living room, art can help you do that! So keep in mind how a placement of a piece corresponds with the décor in other areas of your home.

And if you’ve decided to do a wall of arranged photos of various sizes, do your homework because there are an endless number of frame shapes and sizes that can be combined. Just be sure that the overall outcome isn’t too overwhelming.



What’s Your Style?
It can probably go without saying but everyone has their own taste when it comes to art. But just be sure to take a good look around before settling on certain pieces. Explore other types of art and think of how the “style” of art would interact with your room.

If you’ve got an ultramodern room, before selecting modern art, take a look at classical, mix it up!


Set Out With a Budget in Mind
You don’t want to purchase art for half your room and then realize that you’ve run out of money. So construct a budget before you even begin shopping and use your price range to narrow down the field of artwork you will look at. That way it’s not so overwhelming when you go shopping and see hundreds of pieces of art.

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Here are some other examples of how art can tie together a room:










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fitgirl August 16, 2013 at 11:22 pm

Definitely going to use these tips. Thank you! Getting great ideas for my new apartment.

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