What Exactly is Transitional?

by Star Furniture on November 19, 2013

When you hear the words “transitional style,” what do you think of?

Many people are unclear as to what “transitional style” actually is, even though they might already be a fan of it.

In a nutshell: transitional is a blend of traditional and contemporary elements. It is a combination of curves and straight lines, of classic and clean, of masculine and feminine features.

This unique concept takes the class from traditional styling, without the gaudiness; and the streamlined look from contemporary, without the sterility or coldness.

“When it comes to the difference between Traditional and Transitional… Traditional is based on specific periods of design, like Georgian, Rococo or Regency. While Transitional is moving through style periods,” Star Furniture Design Director Warren Martin says. “And in moving between different styles, transitional furniture adopts various elements from each.”

It is a look that exudes elegance and promotes simplicity. Which is why it has become increasingly popular throughout the years.

Words that are often associated with this style: classic, elegant, streamlined, tone on tone, soothing, tailored, crisp, gentle curves, clean lines, neutrals, subtle patterns, eye-catching, updated classic, timeless.

If you’re a fan of this beautiful style, stop in to your local Star Furniture store and browse our extensive collection of transitional furniture. Click the link to find a store nearest you: http://starfurniture.com/StoreLocations/

Here are some examples of Transitional:

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 1.28.50 PM

Judith Taylor Designs


Formal Transitional Dining Room by Jeffrey and Deborah Fisher


The Castlewood Dining Set


Transitional Manhattan Loft


Transitional Style Sofa

Robert Brown Interior Design

Robert Brown Interior Design

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