Drapes Can Define Interior Design

by Star Furniture on November 27, 2013

There are a whole myriad of items that come together to create the identity of each room in your home. But stopping before addressing drapery is like baking a cake and not putting the icing on!

Drapes are the finishing touch to nearly any space, and they serve many functions; from keeping your room cooler against the sun, to tying your color scheme together. There is an abundance of different styles, types, colors and textures of drapes out there. You’re bound to find a style that works perfectly for your space!

Did you know that Star Furniture does custom window treatments AND has an incredible drapery panel program? We can help you build the window treatments of your dreams, or you can use the panel program to select the perfect drapes and have them delivered straight to you.

But before you settle on what drapes would work for your space, take a look at these different styles, materials and examples.

Drapery Info


How Star’s Panel Program Works
Partnering with Emdee International, Star is providing its customers with a standard width panel drapery that can have a custom length (no additional cost) of up to 118”. These panels are a lower cost, high fashion solution to window coverings. Each drapery utilizes exquisite fabrics from India, China and all around the world.

A variety of colors and textures are available for selection, including burlap, linen, polyester & wool, cotton, hand loomed silk and dupioni silk. Simply visit your local Star Furniture to learn more about either the panel program, or the custom drapery program.



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Furniture Countrywide December 3, 2013 at 5:45 am

This is a fantastic post. I’m always amazed how curtains and drapes are often the last thing people buy when they’re decorating a room; but they’re so important to tying a room together, especially if you’re working to a theme or colour pallete.

Best wishes, Alex

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