Kids’ Room Ideas for the Creative Spirit: Smart Rooms

by Star Furniture on October 9, 2014

We have smart phones and smart cars, why not smart furniture?  You can find furniture that truly anticipates your digital needs. Integrated reading lamps, charging stations and power outlets have made a permanent home in today’s furniture design.

Smart Furniture for your home

Smart Furniture for your home

This kind of “smart” furniture is great on its own, but when you incorporate it into an overall theme, now you have smarts and style! From New York to Paris, you can find inspiration across the globe for the modern kids’ bedroom.

Stylish Kids' Rooms

Stylish Kids’ Rooms

This elegantly designed girls’ room is perfect for the little girl that loves to get lost in her favorite fairy tale.  The chandelier and the finely detailed drapes are charming accents that make this room even more enchanting.  Click below for more girls’ room ideas.

Fairytale Girls' Room

Fairytale Girls’ Room

If your little boy is an adventurous type, this handsome, rugged look may be a perfect fit.  The décor adds a little edge to the playful color and pattern choices in the bedding. Click to see more creative ideas for boys’ room designs.

Handsome Boys' Room

Handsome Boys’ Room

Over the years, decorating and designing the kids’ rooms has definitely shifted to a more modern style.  From color to décor, to storage and technology, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the most unique and amazing bedroom for your unique and amazing child!

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