Trends of 2015 – Petrified Wood

by Star Furniture on March 16, 2015

As most of us tend to reside in urban and suburban areas, home design and accessories are shifting towards a need to reconnect with nature. We’re seeing interior designs that feature more natural, earthy materials and petrified wood is becoming one of the hottest trends of 2015. The fact that these pieces will contain subtle imperfections creates an even deeper sense of a natural inherent beauty.

Petrified Wood takes its name from the Greek root for Rock. It literally means the wood turns to stone.  The petrifaction process occurs when the substance soaks, over a long period of time, in water containing a mineral (or minerals). Chemical impurities such as iron and copper can give the finished stone a beautiful final color, as seen in the Bernhardt side tables below.

etrified Wood Stool - Berhhardt

etrified Wood Stool - BerhhardtPetrified wood is seen here as an accessory on this serving tray.

Petrified Wood Accessory 1

Accents like driftwood are also finding a place in current interior home designs.

Driftwood Accessory 1

Driftwood Accessory 2

Earthy materials, like wood, are making a comeback because of their ability to bring natural warmth and a welcoming feel to your home, plus petrified wood can truly reveal the artistic beauty of Mother Nature. Using this type of wood in your everyday living area is slated to be one of the most popular trends for 2015.



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