High Point Trends: Mixed Metals

by Star Furniture on June 23, 2015

Mixed Metals Living Room Decor

Mixing of metals is hot this year. Have fun with some match-ups like cool chrome with a golden brass. Or combine gold and copper for a warm, layered look. Luminescent fabrics will also help achieve the mixed look.

Mixed Metals Decor 2

Mixed Metals Decor 1

Star Interior Designer, Lucia Gentry, reminds us of how you can find furniture, fabrics, lighting and accessories in brass, gold, chrome, bronze, silver, nickel and metallic colors. Many fabrics and art combine the metals, so feel free to use pillows, wall hangings and accessories to help mix your metals.

Mixed Metals Design Accessories

Star Interior Designer, Maggie Gilberg, offers this great advice: Layer cool metals such as nickel and chrome with warmer metals, such as soft-brushed gold or brass for a very sophisticated look…if you achieve the right balance. Build depth with your metals by subtly mixing textures to guide the eye around the room. A 75/25 blend of similar metals can be subtly exciting and make a statement!

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