Highpoint Trends: Art Groupings

by Star Furniture on July 24, 2015

highpoint_showroom For the art lovers out there – it’s the return of the Gallery Wall and art groupings. So gather all of your favorite artwork and group it together for this fabulous new trend!

Random and Asymmetrical Groupings

When working with a variety of sizes of artwork, use the largest pieces towards the center of your grouping or put them along the same horizontal line, as shown above. Then mix the smaller frames around the larger ones, spreading the colors and sizes around so that one area isn’t too “heavy” with the same color or size. The grouping here is somewhat random and unevenly spaced, creating a casual, laid back atmosphere. Random groupings often allow space for easy artwork additions around the initial group.

mary_strong_geodeSame-Sized and Symmetrical Groupings

Try using same-sized artwork and reflect the same layout on opposing walls (above). This especially works here as it echoes the shape of the door and creates a nice balance to the hallway. These groupings are in a rectangular pattern but don’t be afraid to put your groupings in linear or circular patterns, or any other shape you like.

bernhardtFurniture Groupings

When grouping artwork near a piece of furniture put them near the top of the furniture, as shown in the display above from Bernhardt. This creates an overall display that leads the eye from the floor to the wall, instead of just a piece of furniture sitting on the floor and some artwork floating on the wall.

DESIGN TIP: Cut out pieces of paper the same size as your artwork and tape to your walls with removable tape. You can then move them around until you get the exact look and placement you want. In the end this will save you time and a lot of holes in your walls.

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