How to Go Gray, Your Way

by Star Furniture on August 3, 2015

073115_GreyBlogLead_505WideGray All Over

Whether it’s charcoal, carbon, heather, onyx, cement, slate, nickel, or grey with an “e” (used in England) or gray with an “a” (used in America) – WE LOVE IT! This “non-color” truly does come in over 50 shades of grey and you can see it in all areas of interior design and home furnishings, as shown on the walls, drapery, furniture, lamps and bedding in this “hipster” bedroom (above). Right now, gray really does matter in the world of interior design and you can go gray any way you want.


073115_CharcoalWalls_Tarleton_505Wide Charcoal or Gray Painted Walls

For a long time, warmer and lighter neutrals (beiges, whites) were the dominant interior, but now we are seeing a shift towards lighter grays that are cool or dark grays, like the charcoal/midnight gray paint on the walls of this gorgeous traditional living/great room (above). The Tarleton Sofa, Forbes 100% Leather Wing Chair, Rhapsody End Table, Rhapsody Lamp Table, leather ottoman, bookcase, rug, lamps, artwork and accessories are all from Star Furniture.


GrayPaintedFurniture_Blog_505wide Gray Furniture

Gray is being found on all types of furniture: leather, upholstery, recliners, sofas, accent chairs and painted pieces, like the ones shown above. For just the right shade of gray furniture, accessories and home décor, visit us at


Versatile Gray

We also love gray, in any tint or shade, for its chameleon-like characteristics:

  • Darker grays make a bold, grand statement when used with softer/lighter neutrals. (See seating area above designed by Mary Strong, Interior Designer at Star Furniture, West Houston, TX.)
  • Gray is a perfect neutral base when used with one or more colors/hues. (See living room above designed by Yi-Yun Lin and Joan Klick, Interior Designers at Star Furniture, Sugar Land, TX.)
  • It’s already part of the rustic/reclaimed and neutral trends that are here to stay for a while
  • It goes well with mixed metals, another current/on-trend interior style

Maggie Gilberg – our Interior Designer at Star Furniture* in Austin, TX – offers further insight into our obsession with gray:

“Whether you are creating a serene space, or a powerful/edgy space, or a classic/everyday kind of space, it is never as easy as it is with our friend gray. Vary your tints and tones of gray to build depth in a space or pair it with bolder colors for the ultimate ‘WOW.’ Or, mix gray and white for a look that’s timeless and tranquil. Gray can also be as soft and light as a feather or as edgy and powerful as a thunderstorm. You decide with gray and gray will oblige.”

No wonder gray is the new black… and the new beige… and the new white.

Satiate your gray urges and get inspired with these neutral designs on our Star Furniture Houzz page. Don’t forget to give us a review here and enter “Star Furniture” for “Professional/Firm Name” and “Houston, TX” for “City, State or Zip.”

*Ask one of our professional interior designers near you for complimentary/free interior design services and help with your home designs (or just a room).

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