How to Mix It Up with Upholstery

by Star Furniture on September 3, 2015


We’ve been seeing upholstery fabrics and leathers being mixed and matched all over. When done boldly, this trend can add obvious interest to an individual piece of furniture, turning a ho-hum chair or sofa into an objet d’art. Or, you can be subtle and just change a texture while still bringing life to a room.

“You don’t have to have everything matching anymore. It’s a lot more fun to mix things up… and it adds interest! The mixed upholstery trend is really gaining momentum due to the popularity of an “eclectic” design trend. The upholstered piece itself can even stand out on its own as eclectic.” – Heidi Jewell, Upholstery Buyer at Star Furniture.


Wing Chairs

This mixed, or dual, upholstery movement is most often seen on chairs – especially the winged variety – where the fabric on the back and/or sides is different from the front. Wing chairs, like the Silver Lake and Madison Wing Chairs in the two pictures above, are the perfect canvas for this treatment as they are most often seated with a sofa. The sofa pillows can then be matched to the chair’s upholstery, bringing balance that leads the eye across the room.



How to Mix Upholstery

Once you decide that you love this mixed up trend as much as we do, you’ll need to figure out how much you want to mix it up. You can go bold or go subtle, or somewhere in between.

Some things to think about:

  1. Color: Is it contrasting, complementary or a custom palette of your liking?
  2. Material: Do you like different textures, like smooth leather and fabric, or velvet and linen, or do you prefer the same/similar material all over?
  3. Solids and Patterns: Do you want to go bold and mix two different patterns, solid with a pattern, or do you want to make less of a statement?
  4. Style: This treatment works with any style and has a lot of play, you decide. For instance, you could really mix things up by adding a non-traditional fabric/upholstery/color/pattern to a traditional piece to make it modern.

We’ve gathered a few more dual and mixed upholstery chairs to put your creativity to flight:




Dual Upholstery Sofas

Sofas, like this Grace Spicy 3-Pc. Sectional and Dakota Hair on Hide Sofa above, are a great example of how to do dual (or mixed) upholstery right. The Dakota Sofa has three upholstery leathers: hair on hide, smooth leather and suede. It’s paired with the Dakota Hair on Hide Wing Chair, showing how you can have more than one mixed upholstery item in your room’s mix. While the Grace Spicy Sectional is a great example of a mixture of upholsteries and materials: wood, fringe, pattern and solid.

As always, our Interior Design Team is available to help you discover the best upholstery mix for your furniture, room and home, all compliments of Star Furniture.

NOTE: Most items shown are available through or at Star Furniture. Photos are owned by Star Furniture of Texas or being used with permission. Please see your nearest Star Furniture Showroom for more information, availability and details.



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