Preparing For Your Design Consultation

by Star Furniture on October 30, 2015

The best-kept interior design secret is waiting to be discovered just inside your nearest Star Furniture location. Star Furniture’s Design Center is not only fully equipped to help make your interior a complete reflection of you, but it is offered as a complimentary service with the purchase of your beautiful new Star furniture. So what can you expect when you come in for your design consultation? We spoke with Mary Strong, a designer at Star Furniture in Katy to find out.

First, Mary says she’ll need to get to know you by setting up a meeting here in the store to talk with you about what you want in terms of look and function. She will get your ideas and vision for the space; inspiration usually comes from shelter magazines, Pinboards, fabrics, art pieces, furniture in the Star showroom, whatever it may be! Lots of times, she will walk around the showroom with you talking about which pieces fit the look you are going for. If it’s a tricky space, she may want to see the space in person. All of this is included in making the first big step toward designing a room as stunning as this finished room of Mary’s:


design consultation MelindaSchulerHome11 MelindaSchulerHome05
custom design


Then it’s back to the design center, where Mary nails down the floor plan using CAD software (Computer Aided Design software). She puts this all into a presentation for you, then you will sit down and discuss the design before talking about which pieces might fit the overall look.

Then comes the fun part! At this point, you and Mary will choose some specific items to incorporate into the space. She prefers to work going from big to small, bottom to top. This is her personal process as an interior designer, but she stressed that not all designers work like this and everyone has their own method.

For instance, Mary likes to start with the rug and build the color story from the ground up, next choosing larger upholstery and leather pieces, then window treatments, etc., Mary says that working in order this way really helps guide all the other design choices in a way that will make sense and make a room look finished in the end.

This is just a brief overview to get you acquainted with this FABULOUS Star Furniture service. Make sure you stay up to date in the coming weeks to get more exclusive Star Style Savvy Blog Tips from Mary and other Star Furniture interior experts! Can’t wait that long? We don’t blame you. Learn more about Mary Strong here and meet all the other amazing designers here. Get to know them and then schedule your complimentary design consultation at your preferred Star location!


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