Dining Surface Care: Make it Last

by Star Furniture on November 30, 2015

Now that you’ve read in detail about your dining surface options, and you’ve learned about the benefits and drawbacks of each, it’s time to go over caring for your dining surface. Dining surface care is probably the most important part of this big purchase, so pay attention!

A general rule of thumb for dining surface care is to NEVER use anything abrasive or harsh on it. And DEFINITELY never use bleach, or even a product containing bleach to clean a surface. This will strip and damage whatever coating has been applied, ruining whatever material the surface is made of. There are plenty more “don’ts” when it comes to dining surface care, but if you follow the “do’s” below, you’ll keep it nice and make it last for years!

Wood Dining Surface Care:

dining surface care

To care for a wooden dining surface with a non-protective, clear lacquer coating, follow these steps:

-Wipe down with a damp cloth and a small amount of liquid dish soap

-Repeat with a clean damp cloth

-Wipe down again with a clean dry cloth

Restaurant-grade Stainless Steel Dining Surface Care:

dining surface care

Stainless steel tops are sanitary and durable, and scratches, dents, and dings are characteristics of the material. You might think a stainless steel cleaner or polish is appropriate, but these should only be used if the surface becomes scratched or stained. This kind of product is an actual coating, meant to repair any damage. For stainless steel dining surface care and regular cleaning, follow these steps:

-Wipe surface with a damp, soft cloth

-Adding a mild liquid soap (non-abrasive and no bleach) is also acceptable

-Always wipe in the direction of the brushed finish (or grain)

Remember, spilled food or drink (especially of the acidic variety) will damage your dining surface if left standing. Wipe up any spills immediately, including hard water, which will stain and damage.

Metal skins, Stone, Rustic/Reclaimed/Heavy Wire Brushed,  & Copper Dining Surface Care:

dining surface care

Dining surface care for these materials will be the same as a wooden dining surface. Again, that cleaning technique is as follows:

-Wipe down with a damp cloth and a small amount of liquid dish soap

-Repeat with a clean damp cloth

-Wipe down again with a clean, dry cloth

Glass Dining Surface Care:

dining surface care

As with your windows, clean glass dining surfaces with a mild glass cleaner frequently. Naturally, they attract sticky messes and fingerprints and show up much more than other surfaces. Glass dining surface care will be more frequent in terms of keeping it clean and smudge-free.

And that completes our dining surface education series! What did you think? Did you learn any valuable tips that you didn’t know before? Let us know and then let all your friends in on all this great dining surface care advice! 🙂

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