The Color Cure: Part 2

by Star Furniture on January 24, 2016

As promised, we’re diving into Part Two of our Color Cure blog series. In our last post, we talked about office and bedroom spaces and how to use color to promote either focus or relaxation in these rooms. Today we have some equally colorful suggestions for you to set the right atmosphere in your living and room and in your kitchen!

In the Living Room

There are a few different routes to consider, color story wise, in common spaces like the living room. This area is typically a high-traffic area in any home. With so many different personalities and energies coming and going, you might want to keep the colors, and therefore, the energy and mood of the space neutral. This neutral, clean aesthetic is very much a trend right now, and appeals to the tidy minimalist. A neutral color palette is also extremely flexible. If you want to get the energy flowing a bit, add color. If you want to calm things down, take it away! It’s a smart, simple way to make this area totally adjustable for any occasion.



If color is more your style, here’s another bold living room color suggestion: Yellow! It is most associated with cheerfulness and communicates positivity and happiness, so it’s perfect for spending quality time together in the living room. Be careful with yellow, though, as too much can provoke feelings of irritation as a main color in a space. As an accent, though, yellow is bright, warm, and makes a space feel roomier and more open. You can even use it in the entryway to make visitors feel immediately warm and cheerfully welcome as they come into your home.






In the Dining Room

Try something a little bolder in the dining room! Red, while too energetic for, say, the bedroom, is a fabulous color for the dining room. Red tends to work as an all-around stimulating color. The color red stimulates the appetite, which makes it perfect for mealtimes. It also raises the energy level in a room in a way no other hue can. It introduces feelings of excitement, brings individuals together, and, best of all stimulates conversation! Give this color a try; even if that means just adding a few red accents to your dining space. Here are some ideas:



The Valencia Dining Group



The American Attitude 5-Piece Dining Group



The Belmont Counter Height Dining Group

And there you have it! The cure for your winter blues starts with the right colors in the right areas of your home. Hopefully, you’re inspired to begin cheering up your interior after reading up on the effects of color; we certainly are! Show us how you use color to set the mood! Let us know if you found this helpful and, of course, share it with your friends who might be feeling the after-holiday gloom setting in!

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