Dynamic Decorating Duos

by Star Furniture on March 2, 2016

Now is the time to get your redecorating project rolling. “I’ll get around to it,” is usually code for, “Maybe next week/month/year,” which, let’s face it, probably means you’ll forget all about your fabulous home decorating plans by dinnertime. We know! New home decor means some serious decision making, lots of time, and plenty of energy on your part! We’ve made it easier than ever to get on trend ASAP by compiling some of the hottest, most dynamic home decorating duos right here!

The most dynamic decorating duos are all about balance, even when it comes to designing your interior; it’s best when you have light to dark contrast, rustic elements to underscore modern aesthetics, and methodical choices to balance and achieve organized chaos. Let these dualities guide you as you get ready to switch up your home decor!

From custom rugs to interesting accent pieces, we have the pairs that are making heads turn. Let’s discuss a few decorating trends that have caught our eye recently:

Baby Pink and Blue

This year, Pantone mixed it up when selecting their Color of the Year for 2016. These experts of color have predicted an interesting pair of shades, rather than the single “it” color selected in previous years. Baby pink and blue are bright and cheery hues that inspire feelings of carefree whimsy and light hearted positivity. The actual names of these shades are Rose Quartz and Serenity; fitting, don’t you think?! But what do you really think about this duo – will it work for you? Decorating with bright, unexpected colors might just help you find a new perspective as we prepare to head into the spring and summer months!


Las Brisas Bedding Ensemble


Jaipur Bedding Ensemble

Mustard and Gray

Gray is one of those under appreciated neutrals that’s easy to incorporate into your new home decorating plans. Gray makes other colors, like, a mustard yellow, for instance, really pop when paired together! We’ve been seeing this combination make appearances here and there for a while, but in 2016, we expect this decor duo to explode in popularity.


Davis Super King Bedding Ensemble

Metals and Leather

This is a really usable and interesting decorating duo for today’s more casual lifestyle. The texture and durability of leather is a popular choice in decorating, and metals give a textural contrast. The warmth of leather and the coolness of metal! Of all the metals, copper seems to add a special spark to this duo.


Jet Set 5-Piece Round Dining Group


Metalworks Accent Table

Wood and Brass

Wood and metal have been a popular duo for centuries. And the current use of brass with wood gives an extra degree of interest to wood tones – especially the warm browns and strong blacks – the contrast of brass with these tones actually gives them more interest and  importance.


Portolone Round Accent Table


Jet Set Bench


Umber Sofa/Console Table


Plywood was a popular material for the surge of innovative furniture designs following World War II and into the 1960’s. With the renewed interest in this era in home furnishings it will be something to watch.


Callista Counter Stool


Barcelona Dining Bench


What do you think of these bold new home decorating looks? Which ones are you going to jump on right away and which do you think are just trendy flashes in the home decor pan? Let us know on social media, and share it with your friends! 🙂

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