2016 Interior Design Trends

by Star Furniture on May 5, 2016

Spring is here and for many of us that means redecorating and refreshing our home interior. If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further than this blog post. We’ve gathered some fabulous interior design trends and put them all together in one place for you. Here are some of the hot trends designers are showing off and homeowners are absolutely loving:

Formal Dining Rooms:

The formal dining room has taken a backseat recently, as many people are more in favor of a relaxed, casual space for meals. But as we move forward into the year, formal dining rooms are making a comeback. If you’re the type that loves nothing more than throwing a sophisticated dinner party, it’ll be easy for you to get on trend with your home interior this year. At Star Furniture, we have some beautiful formal dining groups and our Interior Designers can help you develop a room that will blend perfectly with the rest of your decor and be the hit of your dinner party!


Statement Mirrors in the Bathroom:

Another trend we’ve spotted is eliminating the medicine cabinet and putting up some fun, fresh mirrors instead. In fact, the bathroom is getting more attention than usual this year, with a focus on making them feel more like a living space than a place where you just go to shower. A small chair or bench is another useful addition to a bath that can add a punch of color or pattern. We love it!

Sparse, Minimalist Kitchens:

In contrast to the formal dining room trend, kitchens are being stripped down to the bare bones. This home interior style concentrates on functionality and utilizing your kitchen space as efficiently as possible. But that doesn’t mean making it a dull, bland space. With the addition of on trend rustic wood pieces (islands, cabinets, tables) for contrast and warmth, it can actually create a more cozy atmosphere.


Tech-free cozy living rooms

You don’t need to be reminded that we are all permanently attached to our electronics, but think about how nice it is to take a break and interact with your loved ones when you unplug for a while. Since we all have our own personal tech devices anyway, designers and homeowners are keeping TVs, once the focus of the living room, out of this space. This is a good design trend if your household needs some reconnecting and quality time together


Bold Powder Room Accessories

As mentioned before, bathrooms in 2016 are getting more attention than ever before. Designers are making them more interesting and livable, and this includes the powder room. Try some funky, attention-getting wall accessories and art in here to get your home interior on trend. This being a room with limited use it’s a great place to show off your inner ’pow’ factor.

Attention-grabbing Bedrooms
Transforming the bedroom can really change your entire perspective. And while a can of paint can really take a bedroom from boring to inspiring, you want to keep in mind that this is your place of calm and quiet. Try a rich, elegant wall color with wooden and rustic pieces to warm the space up and give it a contemporary feel.

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