Introducing Magnolia Home Furniture – Part 3

by Star Furniture on June 7, 2016

In contrast with last week’s blog post that was all about the gorgeous and elegant French Inspired collection from Magnolia Home, we’re taking things in a more familiar direction this week. Let’s take a dive into a different style, the Traditional, whose noteworthy influence is one of the many that set apart the Magnolia Homes style we all just love.

Unlike the furniture of the past, you’ll find that this style has been simplified, streamlined and updated to keep interiors fresh and chic, yet familiar and timeless. New finishes make a great modern update to the traditional aesthetic, bringing the pieces from this collection right up to speed with today’s trends and style preferences.

Take, for instance, this Cathedral Iron Canopy Bed.


Now, you normally don’t see many metal canopy beds, and the simplicity of this one is just stunning. It will easily be the focal point of any room. The clean, iron metal lines contrast beautifully with the curved cathedral style corner edges, combining to give this piece a sturdy quality. Incorporate the Joanna’s Metal Bin Storage Chest, and you get the distinctive Magnolia Home look!

Of course, nothing says “sturdy” and “reliable” quite like this next piece. The Traditional Iron Trestle Table.


This basic table was designed to have a fresh take on a traditionally styled look that has always been and will always be an American household staple. Joanna refreshes this aesthetic with beautifully curved metal legs meeting the defined, herringbone patterned tabletop smoothed over with a rustic, unfinished look. Naturally, this finish is called “Shop Floor Wood.” The metal legs come in the “Blackened Bronze” finish.

Speaking of tables, another one of our favorites from this long-established look is the Traditional Double Pedestal Dining Table. This quaint, antique-looking piece is unique in its sturdiness and thickness – it seems like it can withstand literally anything.

Seriously, I’m all about that base (wink wink). Those large, beautiful corbel brackets give off a classic architectural feel, almost like a Romanesque balcony.

Oh my, and look-y here, another table while we’re at it since we’re in a table-praising mood! Much like the dining table above, the Traditional Double Pedestal Hall Table rests upon a decorative corbel base. It’s truly distinctive with it’s rustic, zinc metal top, which maintains a worn-in appearance that characterizes most items inspired by the traditional genre.


Trust us, you need to come check out these beautifully designed pieces in your Star Furniture showroom. The Magnolia Homes Collection tells a carefully woven story, but the details really come to life when you see the furniture in person. In the meantime, you can keep up with the Star Furniture Style Savvy blog as we feature more of our favorite items in more fabulous styles each week! Don’t forget to share us with your friends and let us know what you think of the Magnolia collection. 🙂

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