Introducing Magnolia Home Furniture – Part 5

by Star Furniture on June 21, 2016

Hello again! We’re taking it back inside Joanna’s world of furniture combinations, where opposites attract, and when combined thoughtfully, they transform a room into an eclectic masterpiece. 🙂

The Magnolia Home Collection is brought to us by the reigning queen of making different types styles work together flawlessly, and today one particular genre has left us visibly awestruck: the Farmhouse style!

As one of Joanna’s most prominent influences, the Farmhouse inspired look lays the groundwork for adding a unique twist in any type of room. Staying true to her primary style, take a look at this charming Farmhouse Dining Table:


This stylishly crafted dining table invokes all of those warm, fuzzy feelings of comfort. With its’ farmhouse style turnings, scalloped trims, and age-worn finishes, the dining table reminds us of a traditional family coming together at the end of a long, hard day’s work to sit, eat and enjoy each other’s company. 🙂

Plus, you can add to the authentic, weathered look with one of these Wooden Crates, inspired by crates farmers used to pack their fruits and veggies. Use it as a fruit bowl, a centerpiece, or however you like!

The Farmhouse style creates an air of timelessness, especially with this next inviting piece, the Farmhouse Hutch and Buffet:


It’s functional and traditionally styled, perfect for displaying all of your exquisite China! It has a  stunning antique white finish with sliding barn style doors, and six large drawers. The Farmhouse Hutch and Buffet will look grand sitting in any corner. 🙂

Another piece that quickly swept us off our feet is the Farmhouse Mackinzie Craft Room Table. I mean look at it – what’s not to love?


You can place it almost anywhere, and it’s large surface is the perfect space to work on your next big project. The craft table is so functional, that it’s legs are equipped with shelves for easy storage! How cool is that? Throw in a couple of Swivel Stools, and you’ll be set!

The Magnolia Home collection is your playground where you can mix and match different styles to create an amazing room! Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner creativity, and allow different themes to inspire your very own Magnolia Home. Share this bit of inspiration with your friends and sit tight until next week’s posting!

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