Introducing Magnolia Home Furniture – Part 6

by Star Furniture on June 28, 2016

As promised, we are continuing our series of the Magnolia Collection, because there’s just sooo much good stuff to cover!

This week we’re going bold.

Just as the Magnolia Homes collection as a whole pushes beyond the limits of conventional design, one particular style in the mix really knows how to throw a punch and literally knock us off our feet. The intrepid genre that’s got our feet in the air is the Industrial, a style that’s all-encompassing of purpose and strength. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this stunning Framework Dining Table:


This dining table practically screams industriousness. The piece is inspired by a style that’s defined by its functionality and form, with the laborious craftsmanship of its horizontal lines and the purposeful features of the zinc planter bucket at its center. You can easily use the planter bucket to keep your guest’s drinks cold on ice or even add some green by planting flowers or herbs! Combined with the table’s rustic milk crate finish, oh my, we guarantee you’ll go nuts over it! 🙂

Now, onto a more recent discovery, my new favorite piece, Joanna’s Framework Metal Hutch and Server:


Much like the factories, warehouses and farms whose essence of hard work inspires Industrial style design, this hutch and server is characterized by it’s work-worn look and vintage finish. It’s storage shelves are ideal for holding your dinnerware essentials, easily accessible for your next dinner party! The combination of metal and wood from this piece adds a hint of earthiness to a room, yet maintains a polished look that can be combined with a variety of styles. Just see for yourself!


Now, let’s take another step back. Just look how seamlessly industrial-inspired pieces blend with softer textures, including Magnolia’s Homestead Armless chair from Joanna’s Living Room Collection. It’s remarkable how perfect it’s rustic exterior looks blended with different styles, including another piece from the Living Room collection, the Ironworks Sofa.


The Magnolia Home Contour Chairs similarly mix effortlessly with softer textures, such as the French-Inspired Demi Wing Upholstered Side Chairs:


These industrial chairs are raw. The wide wooden back, saddle seat and metal frame totally encompass the “unfinished” look that industrial-style design is known for. Characterized by its sturdy structure, these chairs organically blend with different genres, creating a flawless balance between styles and space.

Joanna’s Magnolia Home Collection industrial pieces inspire practicality in any type of room. It’s just commonsensical for you to swing by our store and see for yourself. 😉

Can’t wait to dive into Part 7 of the Introducing Magnolia Home Furniture series! Stay tuned and don’t forget to share with your friends! 🙂

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