Introducing Magnolia Home Furniture Part 8

by Star Furniture on July 13, 2016

Alas, our last and final post of the Magnolia Home Furniture Blog series.

As you well know, all good things must come to an end. The past few weeks we’ve been completely absorbed in Joanna’s collection, learning everything there is to know about her wide-ranging selection of styles! Today, with Part 8 of the Magnolia Home Collection Series we will finish off the collection by obsessing over the most versatile of them all: Elements AND Accessories.

That’s right.

We’re not talking about one specific style now. We’re talking about a mix of little things that truly make a world of difference when decorating a room. The Magnolia Elements can add a subtle touch here and there to achieve a simple, modest look. On the other hand, they can also be the most central, dominant piece in a space – attracting anyone’s attention almost instantly. Combined with the simple finishing touches from Magnolia’s Accessories, you’ll be more than happy in your Magnolia-inspired home!

Joanna’s Elements and Accessories are multifaceted in such a way that you can find almost anything within these categories to fit your design preferences, wants and needs. 🙂

For example, have you ever felt like something was just missing in that empty corner of a room?

I think Magnolia’s Factory Shelf is the answer you’ve been waiting for! If you’re going for a more subtle accent in that corner of yours, the Antique White paint and Barn Door finish of this Factory Shelf adds a light touch with it’s neutral tones.


The facile Factory Shelf moves around easily, which is perfect for placing in any barren, empty corner of a room that just needs a bit of loving. 😉 In addition to its effortless mobility, its open industrial shelving units are completely functional! On top of that, you can accessorize and take advantage of it’s functionality by pairing it with one of Magnolia’s multipurpose Breakfast Trays.

Now on the other side of the spectrum, perhaps your bedroom is missing that “wow” factor we always hear about but never quite know how to achieve. This next piece most definitely screams “wow!”

Magnolia’s bright, coral Park Bench is quaint and stunning at the same time. It’s re-purposed park style bench look creates a calmness one finds on a nice, brisk stroll in the park. 🙂


Place it at the foot of your bed or along the entrance of your hallway. Wherever you put it, it’s vibrant color and round metal frame never fails to add that extra pop you didn’t even know was missing.

Now, for the accessories. I love this part!

This Magnolia Metal Assemblage Wall Shelf, designed after an old utility piece, can be hung anywhere!


It adds an undeniable charm to your room decor, and it’s the perfect spot for displaying all your favorite small items and doodads. 🙂 After being completely captivated by the Magnolia collection, we even created a few of our own Magnolia-inspired artwork pieces that are only available in our showroom! Aren’t they soooo pretty?

4_ElementsAccess_Blog_500W 5_ElementsAccess_Blog_500W

Don’t forget, it’s the little things that count. 😉 Joanna’s Magnolia Home Furniture Elements and Accessories create the simple finishing touches that add character and beauty to your room. Trust me, you’ll never ever want to leave!

That’s it for our Magnolia Furniture Blog Series. Don’t forget to share with your friends, and don’t be a stranger on our blog. 🙂 We promise there’s always more to come!

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