Smartstuff Youth Furniture and Safety

by Star Furniture on September 20, 2016

So last week we covered almost all of the ingenious features that make the Smartstuff collection ideal for your kid’s bedroom. However, today, I want take into account another major consideration for decorating Juniors bedroom: safety.

I think we can all agree that safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to anything and everything related to your children.

The Smartstuff line not only has all those cool, innovative and streamlined qualities, but it’s also totally dependable.


Your child’s safety is always a priority. Period. Especially considering recent coverage of major youth furniture recalls, a result of devastating toddler deaths from unsecured furniture tipping over. You just can’t afford to overlook safety features.

It’s not worth it.

Each piece in this collection seems like it was designed by a parent who can relate to this concern. Smartstuff literally thought of everything that can go wrong, from furniture tip-overs to slammed fingers, and that in itself is incredibly reassuring.

Some examples of these top-notch safety features and construction include anchors for securing dressers, bureaus, chests, and desk hutches.

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According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Report, there are an estimated 38,000 emergency department-treated injuries each year related to furniture tip-overs, with two-thirds of those injuries involving children younger than five.

A pretty shocking statistic. On top of the anti-tip restraint hardware included in these pieces, built-in stops were added as an extra safety measure to prevent drawers from falling out. Plus, drawers are designed to be self-closing, which means less worrying about kids slamming their fingers! Yay!


Another measure Smartstuff takes to ensure your child’s safety also includes plywood slat roll bed foundations, which are stronger than wooden slats, to add extra sturdiness and durability.


And to take it even one step further, Smartstuff also softened the edges and corners for you!

As you can see, safety is definitely a priority, and is heavily emphasized throughout the collection. I would be comfortable saying each piece will be able to withstand even the most energetic one of the bunch (we all know who that is). 😉

Besides, each piece possesses such a trendy, timeless vibe that adds a fresh look to the bedroom:


Swing by our store to see even more youth pieces from the Smartstuff collection! And remember to share the love with your friends. <3

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