Solid Wood Furniture: Kincaid Wildfire

by Star Furniture on October 25, 2016

We have another beautiful collection on our showroom floors – the Kincaid Wildfire Collection! If you’ve been searching for furniture made of natural, solid wood then this collection may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Kincaid furniture is authentic, and they’re 100% dedicated to making wood furniture in it’s most natural form. 🙂 It’s truly stunning.


In place of real, solid wood many furniture manufacturers use veneer, a thin decorative coating of fine wood, over particleboard, a rigid panel of compressed wood chips or resin.

Pieces from Kincaid stand out among the crowd as their solid wood construction methods are sure to outlast the more commonly used veneer over particleboard, which often crack and peel over time.

The use of genuine solid wood on all exterior panels and shaped edges will keep these lovely pieces looking beautifully sharp year in and year out! Not only does the striking use of authentic elements allow pieces to withstand wear over time, but also creates the balanced look and feel of a rustic, transitional style of furniture. 🙂

Just take a look at Kincaid’s Queen Wildfire Panel Bed:


Made from durable and lustrous acacia wood, this bed’s enchanting look is largely the result of it’s unique wire-brushed ember finish. Kincaid also incorporates fully floating bed panels, which basically means the solid wood components can easily expand and contract in response to humidity levels in your home!

This is just one of the many benefits provided by Kincaid’s solid wood construction techniques!

Other characteristics are featured in the drawer construction, which is evident in pieces like the Wildfire Seed Glass Sideboard or the Wildfire Dresser:



Kincaid’s drawers are held tightly into place thanks to the unique English dovetail, wood-on-wood design on the drawer front and back ends. This dovetail construction ensures the drawer joints are virtually impossible to pull apart, essentially adding to this collection’s durability and strength! Along with these distinct drawer features, a center foot is added for even more stability and balance!

In addition to the reassurance behind such diligent craftsmanship, the authentic antique seeded glass pairs pleasantly with the distressed hardware. Combined with the acacia wood and ember finish, a relaxed feel is ultimately achieved.  🙂

Much like the strength that’s added from the dovetail drawer construction, all of Kincaid’s solid wood chairs are crafted using a glue and screw technique across a finger-jointed corner! This technique adds some extra strength and support for all chairs across the collection, such as the Post Arm Chair or Post Side Chairs:


So much goes on behind the solid wood construction that makes Kincaid’s furniture so unique!

Each piece is designed to withstand years and years of use, that it will even outlive you! This strikingly beautiful, natural style is so comfortably designed that you’ll want to share it with generations to come. 🙂

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