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by Star Furniture on February 16, 2017

I’m thrilled to share some expert design knowledge and advice from one of our fabulous interior designers today! It’s time to introduce you to a real client project passionately crafted by one of our very own creative minds here at Star. 🙂

Today’s’ client project belongs to our Katy interior designer, Mary Strong, who helped deliver a fresh, traditional look to a family’s new home in Katy, Texas. If you follow our Instagram account, you may already know who Mary Strong is. ;P With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Strong has done it all from residential to commercial interior design. She even specializes in window treatments, which we’ll certainly see throughout her projects!

The goal for this design project was simple: a vibrant style with cheerful colors to reflect this particular client’s Florida roots and large family. The end results are stunning.

Let’s break it down by room:  

The Breakfast Area

A new traditional design really comes into play in this particular space.

The “new traditional” style follows the same general principles that guide a classic traditional look:  familiar forms and symmetrical design. This is especially visible in the structure of the white kitchen table.

The difference here for this “new” traditional look boils down to the lightness in the room. The way light colors add a fresh feel to the space is unmistakable, a complete contrast from the darker tones we tend to associate traditional design with.

Additionally, reupholstered chairs with a colorful, striped pattern certainly add to the vibrant, bright style the client was shooting for. Plus, a gorgeous rug added underneath makes all the difference!

Taking a step back, you’ll notice the lightly, floral-patterned custom window treatments, Strong’s specialty of course! As your eyes glaze over the suspended shades, you’ll notice the large window rests upon a weighty bobbin style bench, the perfect spot for a charming accent piece!

The Study

Here’s another instance where the rug makes a huge difference. It’s the combination between the rug and the fun, bright print of the traditional chairs that add a fresh twist to the traditional decor. Even adding light, bright accessories to the bookcase in the background make the room pop and create more interest!

The Family Room

This room is by far my favorite! It’s the perfect space for gathering with family, with plenty of seating available across the bright green, traditional sectional. 🙂

Custom upholstery options by Huntington House [link] allowed Strong to incorporate a bright, Florida feel to the design. We can see this in the large scale floral print (which the client absolutely loved!) chosen for the winged chairs, whose bright color palette balances magnificently with the sectionals’ accent pillows.

Customer leather cocktail ottomans were used in place of a cocktail table, which is genius. Not only does it allow for extra seating space, but it also allows for more versatility when it comes to placement!  You can push them together, move them around, you name it. This is essential for a space with high traffic, especially when the kids and the grand-kids are over!

One of the most striking elements in this space are the gorgeous custom window treatments attached to the high, majestic ceilings. A lovely raised, embroidered design adds a little bit of texture from afar and a bright, coral color adds a pop of interest overall. <3

Below we shared some more from this client’s new traditionally designed home!

This design is a fresh take on a classic traditional style that truly brightens the space with a sense of cheerfulness. It undoubtedly adds more warmth to a time-honored look. 🙂

Stay tuned for our next piece from our blog, and don’t forget to share the love with all your friends on social! <3

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