Trendy Urban Style: Flatbush Avenue

by Star Furniture on February 28, 2017

Industrial. Classic. Urban. Chic.

A few elements that embody an urban vintage design. 🙂 This type of design has been an increasingly stylish trend the past few years, and I can definitely see why. It’s a mix of forged metals and reclaimed wood that really give this look a touch of personality and charm you don’t see in other styles.

One of our newest collections, the Flatbush Avenue furniture collection, truly exemplifies these enticing characteristics. It represents the simple, understated, and never-go-out-of-style collection of furniture.

Bringing warmth with rustic designs, the Flatbush collection combines modern and vintage–creating a utilitarian design aesthetic that won’t go unnoticed. This casually chic look is defined by a combination of three essential characteristics: clean lines, reclaimed wood, and metal accents.

Clean lines

The oversimplified aesthetic of this design is attributed to the clean lines represented in each and every piece from this collection! It gives off a crisp, polished look to contrast with the sturdy, ruggedness of its wooden features.

You always hear people say “less is more,” and in this instance the phrase rings true. 🙂 Clean lines bring out the basic structure of each piece to reflect a simple, uncluttered appearance everyone loves.

Reclaimed Wood

Or the appearance of reclaimed wood. ;P This is one of the biggest components that define this look, and let me tell you, it is on-trend. It provides a desirable, organic feel that’s actually easy to combine with various styles. The natural wood element adds a sense of warmth and relaxation that can help balance a modern, contemporary or transitional design.

Besides, the planked-wood tops bring life to the collection! The Flatbush Avenue collection is crafted of hardwood solids and Hickory veneers, creating the semblance of reclaimed wood to help channel the rustic, unique qualities visible in each piece.  

Metal Accents

Ah, the finishing touch. The metal accents are where the urban meets vintage. Forged metals adorn each piece in such a way that it introduces antiquity and chicness to the design.

So much personality is added with such a small detail! It’s the industrial touch combined with the warmth from the wood that gives this collection it’s charm. 🙂

It’s definitely more enticing in person, so don’t hesitate to come check out this style in our stores! As always, share our blog with your friends on social and keep coming back for more. 🙂

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