A Modern Collection

by Star Furniture on July 11, 2017

What first comes to mind when you hear “modern design”?

In the design world, this type of style is characterized by two main elements: simplicity and form. Today, we’re introducing a super interesting collection that’s rooted in these two very elements, paired with a consideration for comfort and everyday living. The Modern collection by Universal Furniture is clean and simple, bold and a bit daring!

Does this sound like something that reflects your personal style?

I believe this collection may even surprise the more traditional and conventionally inclined tastes. Regardless of your preference, anyone can appreciate design cultivated to adapt to today’s life and activities. This focus creates an essence of comfort throughout the collection, mixed with core modern elements we all know and love.

The Modern collection provides quite an array of options when it comes to bedding and dining (don’t worry, not an overwhelming number of choices). 

Let’s begin with the bedroom options.

Here we have three completely different approaches to a contemporary aesthetic:

If there’s one thing each of these pieces have in common is that they know how to make a statement, much like the way modernism did during it’s debut back in the late 19th century. Modern design came to represent an appreciation for the functional, simple and symmetrical.

Similarly, the wall beds project large profiles that are impressive in their austere simplicity, while the upholstery adds a layer of comfort that make these pieces even more inviting. 

The phrase “less is more” rings true once you’re introduced to the Modern-Quartz Keaton Bed’s smooth quartz finish, metal trim, and modest unembellished form. She’s a beaut!

The dining options are immaculate – they all maintain a level of elegance, while each hold unique forms to define their base. For example, compare the Modern-Quartz Robards Rectangular Dining Table with the Modern-Charcoal Jamison Dining Table:

The geometric, structural theme is apparent as both capture your attention with the rectangular shapes that outline their foundation and surface. What makes it even more difficult to decide between the two are the different finishes: the lighter quartz versus the richer charcoal.

If you want to shake the rectangle theme up a bit, you can add a more organic form to your dining area with the Modern-Quartz Robards Round Dining Table:

I love the visible texture on the legs of this table – it plays well with the simple design we see across the collection!

This next piece is so fun – the Modern Bench! This bench would look marvelous at the foot of your bed. Don’t be afraid to add a layer of interest to your bedroom if you have the space! This bench can also be that element you feel may be “missing” from your bedroom decor. It definitely adds a sense of coziness with its soft, Faux Alpaca, furry top.

Here are some more interesting pieces from the Modern furniture collection I was immediately drawn to:

If you like what you’ve seen from this gorgeous collection so far, you can see more on our website or in person on our showroom floors! Until next time ladies. 

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