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by Star Furniture on July 31, 2017

The furniture of the future is here everyone.

Time and time again, we see how technology and design combined manifest into incredible products that make our life just a little bit easier. That being said, it’s only natural that furniture tech has come so so far since the horse and buggy days when Star Furniture was first founded (not kidding).

I’ll just cut right to the chase – imagine you could control your furniture with your smartphone. Yes, I know it sounds amazing. Because it IS amazing. If I can control everything else in my life with my smartphone, then why not my furniture?

Some of our very own mattress products include awesome features that allow you to control your bed straight from your iPhone, such as our Aireloom Ascend Adjustable base or Beautyrest SmartMotion Adjustable Base (don’t worry, both are Android compatible too).

Does is get any more convenient than this? You can control the position of your bed and activate a massage with this product’s 2-way Bluetooth technology! Looks like we were doing it all wrong before. 😛 This is definitely the way to go when it comes to deciding on an adjustable base.

The Beautyrest SmartMotion base includes an added bonus feature – the Sleeptracker App! So not only are you getting an optimally designed base to support your midday nap attack, but you can also take full advantage of this app that makes it super simple to track your sleeping habits and help you get the best nights sleep.

Plus, it’s VERY user-friendly. The app is designed to be a simple solution for gathering all your personal sleep data into one place, and provides a nice daily sleep summary with tips for both you and your other half after a long night’s rest.

The daily sleep summaries are awesome. It’s really surprising how accurate this handy tool is when trying to pinpoint the cause of poor night’s sleep. Here is a list of all the data the daily sleep summaries provide to give you better idea what you can monitor:

  • Number of times awake
  • Time spent awake
  • Inputs (i.e., heart rate, respiration rate and movement)
  • Time in light, deep and REM sleep phases
  • Sleep profile compared to national average
  • Sleep profile compared to demographic most similar to you
  • Custom coaching to improve sleep

The custom coaching feature is really helpful because it identifies solutions and provides personalized tips to help increase your sleep quality over time right on the smartphone app!

Pretty neat, huh?

On top of this, it even has a sleep cycle alarm feature that detects when you’re in a light phase of sleep, allowing the alarm to wake you up at the optimal moment to feel completely refreshed! From the sounds of it, I may actually enjoy waking up to this alarm clock.

Like I said before, the furniture of the future is here. Stay tuned for our next blog post and don’t forget to share with all your friends!

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