Imagine the Perfect Layout with the Star Furniture Room Planner Designer Tool

by Jane K on April 4, 2018

Visualizing your layout can be one of the biggest challenges when furnishing your space, but with the Star Furniture Room Planner Designer Tool, you can determine your layout without the hassle of actually moving big items around the room. Here are some of the best features:

Room Planner Designer Tool - Room Type

Personalize your Room Dimensions

To get started, you’ll want to select the basic shape of your room from our four options. Once you’ve chosen a general shape, you’ll be able to enter the individual room dimensions on each wall. You can also adjust the corners by dragging the borders.

Choose Products from our Collection

One of the most helpful aspects of the room planner tool is the ability to select actual products from Star Furniture. Search through our collections for the pieces you’re considering purchasing, complete with accurate dimensions so you can drag and drop around the room. You can even choose generic pieces to represent furniture you already own—just don’t forget to alter the dimensions to best represent your space.

Save, Print, and Share Your Room Plan

Once you’ve designed a floorplan you love, you can save, print, and share the plan with friends. Print it out and bring it along when you visit one of our locations and our interior designers can offer additional advice and guidance using the inspiration you’ve provided.

Get a Complete Shopping List of All Items Created Within Room

Stay organized with the shopping list feature, which notates which Star Furniture pieces you’ve included in your floorplan for easy shopping.



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