Stay Cool This Summer with Bedgear Pillows and Sheets

by Jane K on May 14, 2018

It’s no secret that the summers are hotter in Texas. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, you’ll need to find a way to stay cool on those scolding summer nights. In addition to our huge selection of mattresses, Star Furniture also carries an extensive selection of Bedgear pillows and sheets with wicking capabilities and ventilation so you’ll stay dry and cool all night long.

Bedgear Pillows

We carry three different styles of Bedgear pillows: Bedgear, Bedgear Alpine, and Bedgear Impulse. All Bedgear pillows range in size from Level 0.0 to Level 3.0, with 0.0 and 1.0 being good for stomach sleepers and people with smaller frames, and 2.0 and 3.0 being good for side or back sleepers with larger frames.

Bedgear Performance Pillow

The Bedgear Performance Pillow is the most affordable option from Bedgear, and its single layer, DRI-TEC moisture wicking fabric is ideal for cool to neutral sleepers.

Bedgear Alpine Performance Pillow

The Bedgear Alpine Performance Pillow features VERT-TEX cool touch fabric, which is ideal for medium to hot sleepers, as well as an AIR-X panel, which promotes air flow. It also features the soft and responsive BOOST blend, which provides support for the head and shoulders.

Bedgear Impulse Performance Pillow

The Bedgear Impulse Performance Pillow features VER-TEX 6.0 climate control fabric, which is cool to the touch and deflects heat, making it the perfect pillow for hot sleepers. Like the Alpine model, the Impulse model features Air-X panels and the REACT blend core, which contours to your body’s natural shape to alleviate pressure.

Bedgear Sheets

At Star Furniture, we carry four different styles of Bedgear sheets for Queen and King mattresses, including Soft Basic, DRI-TEC Lite, Hyper-Cotton, and VER-TEX.

Bedgear Soft Basic Sheets

Bedgear Soft Basic Sheets are the most affordable sheet set from Bedgear. Despite the lower price, they are exceptionally soft, 100% hypoallergenic, and wrinkle, shrink, and stain resistant.

Bedgear DRI-TEC Lite Performance Sheets

Designed to wick away moisture and allow maximum breathability, Bedgear DRI-TEC Lite Performance Sheets are a great option for summer month sleeping. You’ll also love the soft, flexible material that moves with you for a comfortable sleep.

Bedgear Hyper-Cotton Quick Dry Performance Sheets

These temperature-regulating, hyper-cotton sheets provide fast evaporation, continuous air circulation, and plush softness. Plus, they’re made of eco-friendly fibers that are wrinkle, bacteria, and allergen resistant.

Bedgear VER-TEX Performance Sheets

These top-of-the-line sheets feature VER-TEX technology to regulate your temperature, even in the hottest climates. You’ll love the cool, silky feeling of these durable, hypoallergenic sheets.


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